Is Live Casino the Most Promising Online Casino Vertical?

Live dealer games have always been at the forefront of online casino innovation for some time now. We have seen software providers launch interesting takes on existing games and brand new releases. Each developer launching increasingly ambitious projects and rapidly expanding their market reach. The whole experience culminated in Evolution buying NetEnt, a long-standing giant of online slots.

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The purchase was a clear signal that the balance of power has shifted. Live casinos have not only overtaken existing gaming giants, but have long since surpassed them. With increasing interest in playing online due to current events and the extra convenience, live dealer games will continue growing. Software providers are already hard at work pushing boundaries to make sure that trend continues. 

Gaming Innovation

Simulating the real world experience is part of what makes live casinos so attractive. That initial sales pitch was what drew players in to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other games. The appeal of having a dealer to interact made for a much more interesting release. Not to mention cards were dealt in person instead of using computer code.

What really helped live dealer games take off in popularity were the unique experiences they could offer. At first, this came in the form of variants of existing releases players liked. Then came game shows, which set off an avalanche of innovative ideas. Evolution was at the forefront of this trend. They launched Dream Catcher, which would inspire countless other lucky wheel games.

Of course, the trend did not stop there. The success of game shows led developers to try different things. Playtech would use their wide range of online slot games to launch live slots. Evolution also continued to innovate. They adapted the popular Deal or No Deal TV show to a live casino setting. They were also the first software provider to launch Live Craps, a game conspicuously absent from live casinos until now.

By all metrics, live dealer games will continue becoming a more important online casino vertical. Evolution has already signalled they have no plans of slowing down. The acquisition of NetEnt leaves the software provider in a great place to rival Playtech’s live slots. We are already seeing the results of this new partnership appear in the form of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Follow the Money

With more games than ever before, finding something that suits you has become quite easy for players. Combined with live casino developers aggressively expanding into new markets, more gamers than ever before are playing these releases. If current trends continue, live casinos will generate $47.5 billion in revenue every year by 2023. That comes out to half of all online gambling sales being generated by live dealer games.

Best Live Casinos For Your Country

If you ever wondered how Evolution managed to buy NetEnt, there is the answer. Software providers are not sitting idly either. They are making new games, but are already looking for the next big thing. There is an all-around push towards virtual reality across the industry. Part of the appeal of live casinos is the immersion of playing in a real world location. VR could take that to a completely new level!

Developers have also hinted towards different types of live dealer games coming out, as well. A recent interview with Evolution’s chief product officer Todd Haushalter was quite illuminating in that regard. He hinted towards their 2021 line-up offering players more control, similar to blackjack.

Overall, it is a good time to be a fan of live casino games. The industry is expanding drastically, and will continue to transform over the next couple of years. Rest assured, the team will be with you every step of the way! We cannot wait to see what comes next. One thing is for sure, though. Live casinos will definitely be the most promising online casino vertical.