Learn All About PopOK’s Innovative Live Roulette Games

With both players and reviewers focusing on live casino giants like Evolution, smaller developers tend to fall through the cracks. That is why we strive to highlight the exciting releases made by up-and-coming studios like PopOK, which have yet to make their breakout success.

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In this article, we’ll be focusing on the software provider’s live roulette games. What thrilling features do these titles have in store for players? Keep reading to find out.


The company’s first live roulette table comes with seemingly no extra bells and whistles. It’s the same roulette we all know and love, with a single-zero European wheel and familiar rules. You win if your bet sits atop the number drawn by the wheel. Depending on how many numbers your wager covers, the payout will be different.

You can use the racetrack to place neighbour and French bets alongside standard wagers. The former places a bet on the number you pick and numbers to its left and right on the wheel. Meanwhile, French wagers bet on a specific section of the wheel.

What sets PopOK’s Roulette apart from other live roulette games is the progressive jackpot. There are four in total: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. You trigger the jackpot feature randomly, with all real money bets being eligible.

Multi Fruit Roulette

If you’re looking for something a little different, Multi Fruit Roulette will be right up your alley. It replaces the familiar single zero wheel and thirty-six numbers with colourful fruit-themed slots. The basic gameplay remains the same. You predict where the ball will land and score a cash prize if you get it right. However, with only five possible bets, the title ends up being much simpler than European Roulette.

The release’s chief feature is the Bonus Multiplier. During every spin, the game draws a multiplier of up to 777x. Winning it requires the ball to stop on the pink diamond position on the wheel. Additionally, you must have wagered on the fruit symbol drawn alongside the multiplier to get the win. The progressive jackpot also makes an appearance in this game, offering another way to land an impressive prize.

Diamond Fruits Roulette

The Diamond Fruits Roulette takes the success of Multi Fruit Roulette and builds on it. Much like how Gold Vault Roulette is a refinement of Lightning Roulette’s formula, this game tries to improve on its predecessor’s gameplay. The core loop remains the same, except there are only four fruits now. The fifth fruit was replaced with a bonus diamond, which you must place a bet on to participate in the Bonus Game.

The ball has to land on the diamond on the wheel to activate the Bonus Game feature. It adds three multipliers from 1x to 1,000x, which you can win if the ball stops on the diamond position. Like the other two roulette games, this one also gives you a shot at the randomly triggered progressive jackpot.

Are They Worth Your Time?

The first game is something every roulette fan will enjoy. It has all the familiar elements of European Roulette plus a progressive jackpot added on top. However, Multi Fruit Roulette and Diamond Fruits Roulette may not be everyone’s cup of tea. By removing numbers, they make the gameplay much simpler. PopOK compensates for this to some degree using bonus features, but this may not be enough to win you over. We recommend spending ten to fifteen minutes with each release to see how they suit you. It was enough to charm many livecasino24.com veterans, so we have no doubt you’ll be just as pleased with them. If not, their regular roulette with a progressive jackpot is more than entertaining enough.

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