Gold Vault Roulette Evolution Full Review & Strategy

Three things are unavoidable in life: death, taxes, and Evolution launching new variants of live roulette. Their latest venture into the genre is the promising Gold Vault Roulette, built from the ground up to dazzle and delight audiences worldwide. It’s a less volatile experience than what came before, allowing users to win up to 500x.

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With Evolution’s live dealer expertise, the game should be a slam dunk. Will this title join the ranks of XXXTreme Lightning Roulette and Mega Fire Blaze Roulette as a beloved classic? We find out in this deep dive into Evolution’s Gold Vault Roulette.

The Basics of Gold Vault Roulette

The game is a European Roulette variant, meaning it uses a single zero wheel and features a 97.30% RTP for most of its bets. Straight-up wagers have a 97.03% RTP due to the gameplay changes. However, they’re the ones that make the top prize possible.

Each round starts with a betting stage. Players have limited time to place all the wagers they want on the grid. The wheel starts spinning once the timer runs out, revealing up to twenty Gold Bars. After a couple of seconds, the ball stops in one of the numbered pockets. If you correctly guessed where it would land, you win a cash prize.

Gold Vault Roulette Bonus Features

Gold Bars that appear on the betting board are assigned to random positions. Up to three Gold Bars can be stacked on a single space, meaning each number can award up to 150x.

The Super Gold Bar has a chance of landing every round. You only get one Super Gold Bar per wheel spin, with its multiplier worth 500x. These bars cannot be stacked with regular Gold Bars, limiting your potential jackpot. The Super Gold Bar is added to a random number on the board.

The ball must stop on the number hosting the Gold Bars and Super Gold Bar to win its increased reward.

Despite the title heavily leaning into single-number bets with its multipliers, the option to play racetrack and neighbour bets is still available. Available racetrack wagers include Tier, Orphelins, Voisins and Zero. Each covers a different portion of the roulette wheel with multiple stakes.

Meanwhile, neighbour bets place chips on a specific number and several surrounding positions. You can customize how many neighbouring numbers are affected using the plus and minus buttons next to the racetrack.

Gold Vault Roulette Extra Functionality

The Autoplay function in Gold Vault Roulette allows players to set things up beforehand and then kick back and enjoy. The game will keep repeating the same wagers for a selected number of rounds. If you want to make any adjustments, you can end Autoplay early.

Evolution also offers live chat, allowing you to communicate with the host and other players. The experience is much more fun with a lively audience, so we’re always happy to see it included.

Gold Vault Roulette Strategy

The game follows a similar style to previous multiplier roulette titles, with multipliers appearing in random spots. Because of that, you can use a similar strategy we employed in those games.

If you’re determined to win at any cost, you’ll place a straight-up bet on every position. While this guarantees a payout, it also means you bet more than you make back unless the prize is multiplied.

Alternatively, you can choose only to cover a section of the wheel. While you won’t catch every multiplied win, even landing a regular payout will increase your balance.

Is Gold Vault Roulette Worth Playing?

Gold Vault Roulette won’t blow anyone’s mind. Its bonus features are similar to other multiplier roulette games – something Evolution is well aware of. The way they made this title stand out is two-fold. First, they used a unique aesthetic to make the game look good. Second, they dropped its variance to make it appealing to audiences who find Lighting Roulette too volatile. The result is an entertaining multiplier roulette that’s fun in bursts of action. Because of that, the team is happy to recommend Gold Vault Roulette.

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