Live Cashback Blackjack by Playtech: Features, Rules & Strategies

Cashback Blackjack is a game serious Playtech fans might have already come across. It already existed as an RNG-powered title before it launched as a live casino game. Until recently, it was only available to Italian audiences. Now, the developer is ready to take this promising live blackjack table to a wider audience. Live Cashback Blackjack will be launching network-wide for players across the globe to enjoy.

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With this latest Playtech title launching, we decided to give players an overview of what it is all about. The article will discuss how Live Cashback Blackjack is played and what new features and side bets it supports. We will also discuss some strategies you can use to get a leg up on the competition. By the end of this article, you will be ready to tackle this brand-new blackjack experience!

Live Cashback Blackjack Rules & Gameplay

The game is played with eight decks of playing cards. Each deck contains fifty-two cards. Live Cashback Blackjack follows Vegas rules. This means the dealer draws two cards for both player and banker during the initial deal. An unlimited number of players can play on this table simultaneously. This is done by drawing the same cards for all players, and then letting them decide how to play separately. 

Players can accept insurance if the dealer’s visible card is an Ace. The dealer will then check for blackjack, and the round ends if they have it. You can only double on your first two cards. That means you cannot use double on a split hand. Splits can be done on any pair. If you split a pair of aces, you can only draw one more card. The dealer continues drawing until their hand total is seventeen or more.

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The new addition to Live Cashback Blackjack is the cashback offer. It is available to players at each decision time. The cashback value is determined based on your hand. The stronger your hand is, the more money you will receive from taking the cashback. Accepting the cashback ends the round for that player. However, it also awards the set cash prize that is attached to the cashback bonus.

Live Cashback Blackjack Side Bets

Unlike Playtech’s Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, this game offers six familiar side bets. Available side bets include Buster, Top3, Lucky Lucky, 21+3, Player Pair, and Dealer Pair. Side bets do not benefit from the cashback and have no bearing on the main hand.

Buster pays if players can get the dealer to bust. The more cards they bust with, the better the payout will be.

  • 3 or 4 cards – 2:1
  • 5 cards – 4:1
  • 6 cards – 18:1
  • 7 cards – 50:1
  • 8 or more cards – 250:1
  • 7 cards with player blackjack – 800:1
  • 8 or more cards with player blackjack – 2,000:1

Top 3 pays if your first two cards and the dealer’s visible card form a valid poker hand.

  • Three-of-a-kind – 90:1
  • Straight flush – 180:1
  • Suited three-of-a-kind – 270:1

21+3 also uses the first three visible cards to form valid winning combinations.

  • Flush – 5:1
  • Straight – 10:1
  • Trips – 30:1
  • Straight flush – 40:1
  • Suited trips – 100:1

Lucky Lucky uses the dealer’s up card and your first two cards to form wins for specific hands.

  • Any 19 or 20 – 2:1
  • Suited 21 – 15:1
  • 678 – 25:1
  • 777 – 50:1
  • Suited 678 – 100:1
  • Suited 777 – 200:1

Player and dealer pair side bets pay if the first two cards drawn by their side are a pair. The better the pair, the higher the payout will be

  • Mixed pair – 6:1
  • Coloured pair – 12:1
  • Perfect pair – 25:1

Live Cashback Blackjack Strategy

The RTP for this Playtech release is 99.56%. However, that low house edge is only possible if you stick to the basic blackjack strategy. Fortunately, no major changes are needed to make Live Cashback Blackjack work. If you know basic blackjack strategy, things only change in specific circumstances.

You should take the cashback option if your hand is fifteen and the dealer is showing a ten. You should also take cashback if you have a sixteen and the dealer is showing a nine, ten, or Ace. Outside of those two circumstances, you should stick to the basic blackjack strategy as recommended by