Live Casino Bankroll Management

Live Casino games are a lot of fun. But that fun knows to stop very abruptly if you don’t manage your funds properly. No matter how exciting the game you’re playing may be, you can’t enjoy it if you can’t afford it.

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And that’s why controlling how much you spend is so important. Sadly, it’s a lesson many players will either never learn or outright ignore, to their own detriment.

We’re sure you’ve come across players who can tell you all about the best live dealer game strategies in depth. We have, too. And countless times, we have seen them quickly drop off before they could make any substantial win. And that’s why bankroll management is so important. It’s the sidekick to any brilliant plan, which makes sure you don’t lose all your funds and fall into despair.

How Much Can You Lose?

Before you even begin gambling, this is a question you have to answer. If you want to manage your bankroll, you have to set one first. If your total playing budget is €200, you shouldn’t be wagering €20 per round! You want to limit your bet size, and in doing so, make sure you can play for a while. Sooner or later, everyone faces a losing streak. And when it inevitably hits you, you don’t want it to eat all your funds for the week.

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Of course, you need to make sure you’re not betting too low, either. Unless you’re playing at a high roller table, the minimum stake is usually quite affordable. Sure, you could stretch out a €200 betting budget to 2000 rounds if you wager €0.10 every round. But if your wins are miniscule, odds are you’ll quickly lose interest. Finding that golden balance is key to an enjoyable and lucrative gambling session.

And once you’ve determined how much you can bet, remember to stick to that value! Never stake any money you can’t afford to lose. Because you will inevitably lose it, and be in an even worse position than before. All reputable casinos nowadays allow you to limit how much you can deposit every day, week or month. We definitely suggest setting these limits, so you’re never overwhelmed by temptation.

Find a Warm Welcome

Online casinos are numerous. And since they’re all competing with each other, they have to find ways to draw you in. Most of the time, this manifests itself in the form of excellent welcome promotions. Well, most of the time.

See, not all websites give the same offer. A lot of casinos will be primarily focused on the slots audience. As such, finding a website that supports live casino games as part of their welcome promotion can be difficult! We definitely recommend double-checking that information before registering an account. Or, if you want certified quality live casinos, we have a few listed directly on our homepage.

Of course, the welcome offer is just one bonus. Always be on the lookout for websites which offer additional goodies later. Bonuses and loyalty programmes are plentiful online. Find one that suits your live dealer gambling needs the best, and stick with them.

Don’t Chase Wins

We covered this to some extent earlier in the article, but it is important enough that it deserves its own section. We cannot stress the dangers of a winning streak. It has the potential to make you feel invincible. Like God himself has smiled upon you and decreed that you cannot get a bad hand, no matter what. It’s usually at that point that many players will start increasing their wagers to maximize profit.

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This is incredibly dangerous because we’re hall human. We’re impulsive, and we don’t like losing. So when that winning streak ends, you’ll want to recover that big loss you’ve incurred because you raised your bet. You’ll keep playing without recovering your funds. Even worse, you might increase your wager again to try and recover your loss, which only serves to sink you faster. Do yourself a favour and don’t. Chase. Wins.

Final Words

Ultimately, there is no end-all-be-all guide on how to manage your money. Stick to the lessons in this article, and you’ll find your gameplay sessions lasting a whole lot longer. Which means more time spent enjoying your favourite games, and chatting with the dealers as you do.