Live Dealer Speed Baccarat: Tips and Tricks

Faster paced baccarat action was something players have wanted ever since the game arrived in live casinos. Yes, a bit of suspense and showing off is to be expected. However, with punters only being able to do one action during each round, it can quickly lead to boredom. Some will watch a TV show on the side, or play multiple tables if the software provider allows for it.

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These solutions work for some players, but not for others. If you wanted to focus entirely on the game, you had lots of downtime in between each round. The answer was simple; speed up every round by revealing the cards immediately! With this change, Speed Baccarat was born, drastically increasing the pace of every round.

In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks that will help you adjust to this new brand of baccarat. Strap yourselves in, because this will be an amazing Live Dealers adventure!

Simple Bets First

If you are used to traditional baccarat action, you may be surprised just how quickly the round goes. Every thirty seconds or so, a new game begins, leaving you with little time to plan your stake. Set aside tracking wins and planning when you play the offered side bets. Your primary goal is to get used to the faster speed at which Speed Baccarat is played at.

We do this by placing some banker bets and watching the results unfold. The odds of winning is greatest when playing this bet, so you might score some prizes to get a head start. Use this time to track winning sequences using Roadmaps to try to identify patterns. You can employ the same live baccarat strategy we recommend for standard baccarat tables here! There are no gameplay changes, beyond the increased speed.

All Cards Face Up

As soon as the timer for bets runs out, the dealer will draw cards. All cards will be drawn in the face-up position, allowing players to immediately see the results. Wins are awarded, and the betting for the next round begins immediately! This is what allows Speed Baccarat to increase the pace of every round.

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Because the action happens so much faster, we suggest you do not alter your wagers all that much. Obviously, you should keep track of win and loss streaks to try and get in on the action. However, smaller things like side bets should not be altered. In fact, you may want to skip playing side bets altogether! With the increased speed of every round, Speed Baccarat can quickly empty your pockets if you play side bets too often.

Budget is Important

That leads us into this very important topic. Planning your budget is an important task. We have a whole article only covering the topic of live casino bankroll management. Having said that, it is of vital importance that you take the advice there to heart. Fast-paced games like this one can quickly sink you if you are not careful.

One loss every thirty seconds hurts you a lot more than one loss every minute or so. It may not seem like much, but it quickly adds up if you play a long session. If you are not skilled with managing your funds yet, you may want to hold off on playing Speed Baccarat.

Try Several Developers

The rules and gameplay of this game are set in stone. That does not mean that some software providers do not offer a better experience over others. Several developers have their own versions of Live Speed Baccarat, and each one has something worth checking out.

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One software provider may offer more side bets than others may. Maybe you enjoy the dealers working for a specific developer, instead. Worst-case scenario, your casino only hosts games made by one software provider. All of these are valid reasons to pick one release over another. As long as you are having fun, you have made the right pick.

Final Thoughts

We know not everyone will enjoy Live Dealer Speed Baccarat. It is a game made for a specific type of punter. The type that cares for nothing but the results. If you like a bit of suspense, you may be better served with a different baccarat table.