Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play: How to Play, Strategies & Rules

Live dealer casinos started as a way to emulate the real world experience online. They brought real dealers and actual tables into the mix, offering a far more personal touch than online casino games. As more people started playing live casino releases, so did the demand for unique experiences. The iGaming scene responded with variants of existing games and entirely new types of games.

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Pragmatic Play’s Mega Roulette continues the tradition of casino game variants that cannot be found in real world casinos. It attracts players with the promise of individual number wins increasing in value up to 500x! In this article, the team will walk you through the rules of this release. Learn how to play and what the best strategies are to maximize your winnings!

What is Mega Roulette?

Mega Roulette is a roulette table designed by Pragmatic Play. It uses European roulette as a baseline, with one zero and thirty-six standard red and black numbers. The new addition to Mega Roulette is the introduction of multiplier boosts. Up to five numbers are picked from the betting grid every spin to have their payouts increased. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x, allowing for much higher win potential than standard roulette.

In order to accommodate the changes, the game decreases the standard payout for a straight-up number bet. Instead of winning 35:1 as usual, straight-up bets pay 29:1 instead. All other bets pay the same amount as their standard counterparts. This is because the multiplier boost only affects straight number bets.

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How to Play Mega Roulette

The game is played on an Auto Roulette wheel. While a host is present, they do not touch the roulette wheel at any point. The wheel spins clockwise one round, then counter clockwise for the next. Players have twenty seconds to place all bets they want to play on the betting field. You can wager on one number or several, using a variety of different wagers.

Available bets remain the same as standard roulette. They are split into outside and inside wagers, depending on their betting board position. Outside bets cover more numbers but pay less, while inside bets are riskier but more rewarding. After you finish placing your bets, the wheel will start spinning.

During that time, up to five numbers will be chosen for a multiplier increase. What numbers are picked is decided randomly using RNG elements. You win if the ball lands on a number covered by your bets. The multiplier boost only applies if you played a straight-up number wager on that number. When all payouts are awarded, the next betting round begins.

Mega Roulette Strategies

If you want to take advantage of Pragmatic Play’s release, you will need to optimise your bets around winning multipliers. Based on that, we have come up with three possible strategies players can use.

Bet on All Numbers

Multipliers are not guaranteed to appear. Every round has a chance of creating up to five multipliers on the board. However, when they appear and what kind of boost they offer is entirely random. The only way to ensure you get the boost is to bet on all thirty-seven numbers separately.

This has obvious downsides. A straight-up number bet with no multiplier only pays 29:1. That means you will be down every round you do not win a multiplier boost. As such, this is a highly volatile strategy only players with deep pockets should attempt. If you manage to turn a profit, we would recommend cashing out immediately and stopping for the day.

Bet on Wheel Sections

The easiest way to do this is to use the racetrack. Just make sure to change any split bets back into separate number bets afterwards. This does not guarantee you will get every win multiplier. However, it also decreases how much you lose with every spin. How many numbers you bet on comes down to your budget.

Play as Usual

Instead of hunting for progressive jackpots, let them come to you. Play roulette as you might usually, with one or two straight-up bets added in. This is a low risk strategy, but one that cannot expect to frequently score boosted payouts. We would recommend it to casual punters who do not want to risk huge sums with every spin.