Auto Roulette: No Dealers and Lots of Excitement

We love live casino games. The fun of playing with and against other players is something we really like. A good dealer can further enhance the experience, creating an incredible atmosphere at a table. As great as these things are, sometimes we do not want either of those things to get in our way.

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Punters who want to play a few rounds in peace and quiet have a new champion to turn to. In recent years, many software providers have begun introducing Auto Roulette tables. Here, there are no dealers to distract you. Other players are just as focused as you are on scoring wins, so the conversation is light.

As such, this table is perfect for punters who want fast-paced rounds of roulette without dealers distracting them. In this article, we will go over what Auto Roulette offers, and how it stacks up compared to a standard live casino roulette table. Join us as we size up the differences and show you why Auto Roulette is a growing trend!

No Dealer? No Problem!

One of the first things you will notice is that all the action is happening without a dealer. Now, this is not always the case. Some software providers will put a host next to an Auto Roulette table, allowing them to focus on keeping players animated. However, these instances are rare.

Most, if not all Auto Roulette games we played are played on a European table. They are live-streamed either from the developer’s own studio or from a brick-and-mortar casino. Betting works in the same way as a standard live dealer roulette. Pick your wager, place the coins where you like, and watch the wheel spin!

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The best part of this release for us is the betting spread. An unlimited number of players can join the table and play. Here, high rollers and budget punters are represented equally. The exact betting spread will usually wary from developer to developer. As a rule, it often floats between 0.20 up to 20,000 chips at once!

High Speed Low Drag

Let us set aside the fact you can destroy your budget trying to use a roulette betting system here. The real reason so many players are turning to Auto Roulette is not the lack of dealer or because it allows massive bets. High rollers already have their own VIP tables with limits far beyond what most people can afford, after all.

The promise of Auto Roulette is the speed at which every game is played. No longer do you have to wait for a human to spin the wheel and toss the ball. They will not be temporarily distracted by conversation. Instead, each round starts and ends following a set schedule. The wheel always spins the same way, and the ball always launches the same way.

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Consistency allows the best Auto Roulette tables to offer as many as eighty rounds in an hour! This combined with the large betting range means anyone serious about winning is guaranteed to check it out. Especially since Auto Roulette is active 24/7, and does not have to pause for dealers to swap every so often.

Worth Checking Out?

If you are on the fence about Auto Roulette, we do not blame you. In many ways, it feels like a return to RNG powered roulette with the removal of the dealer. You could argue it is slightly worse. If you play software roulette, you have full control of the pace of each round. Here, you still rely on timers to control every aspect of the game.

However, that is one flaw among the myriad of awesome additions built over the years. For starters, no virtual game is able to match a real-life table streamed at high quality. Software providers have also added a wide variety of side bets and useful extra information to attract players. All of these things can still be used in Auto Roulette, even if there is no dealer. Personally, we have a blast playing this game, and wholeheartedly recommend trying it to everyone. Still, it may not be your cup of tea, and that is fine. If Auto Roulette does not suit your tastes, you can always try one of the other live roulette variations on offer!