Pragmatic Play Boosts Live Baccarat Offering With Exciting New Additions

One of the biggest Live Casino software providers, Pragmatic Play, is strengthening its Live Baccarat selection with top-quality new tables that players can enjoy.

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Seeing Pragmatic Play’s new venture towards expanding its live product offer is not surprising in the slightest! The iGaming giant has had its sight on Latin America for a while now, and it’s made significant efforts to attract a solid play base in the region! 

At this point, we can say it’s been pretty successful in its attempts. While there are a few ways Pragmatic Play has succeeded in this, one is the recent expansion of its Live Baccarat offer! It might be somewhat small-scale, but adding two new Speed Baccarat tables and two new tables for classic baccarat has made a big difference for fans of the Live Casino games variety!

Speed Baccarat

For those unfamiliar with Speed Baccarat, the name should give you a hint for what to expect. These baccarat variations were made to ramp up the excitement by shortening Baccarat games to a smaller window! With Speed Baccarat, each round lasts 27 seconds! Players get a chance to bet in the first 12 seconds, with the cards being dealt face-up immediately after. 

The fast-paced nature of Speed Baccarat keeps players active from start to finish. If they’re not placing a bet, they’re patiently awaiting the results of their efforts! Essentially, Speed Baccarat does its intended job expertly. It provides a quick and concise Live Casino experience that players can easily get into. Since this Baccarat variation is a preference for many, we believe Pragmatic Play has done the right thing by adding more of it to its repertoire.

Classic Baccarat

Speed Baccarat isn’t the only variation of the table game that’s getting some love from Pragmatic Play. Matching it toe to toe with two new tables is classic baccarat. Now, it’s best to point out that classic baccarat sticks to the basics, giving players a chance to enjoy the game without any added bells and whistles. 

If you’re wondering who the target for this more traditional game version is, the answer is simple. While plenty of players like classic baccarat, the game is a hit among high rollers! Players can switch between the Regular Mode and the No-Commission Mode by clicking the Super 6 mode button in the game’s interface. Of course, this activates the special side bet that pays 15:1! If you happen to be beaten by the banker with a 6 point total, you win. Any other outcome is a loss. 

Unbeatable Appeal

It’s easy to get swept away by Pragmatic Play’s incredible product offer. Like its other software, the new Baccarat additions are hard to resist. They give operators a chance to customize them according to their brand aesthetic, their broadcasting technology is top-notch, and the overall gameplay is incredibly entertaining! 


We don’t doubt that Pragmatic Play’s venture in the Latin American market will be strengthened by this decision. Thanks to its comprehensive content offer that keeps growing by the day, this online gambling behemoth has many more successes ahead of it!