Pragmatic Play Dragon Tiger Live: How to Play, Bets & Symbols

There are many reasons why live casino games have been so successful. However, one of the largest has been the flexibility of its software providers. Developers are very quick to meet player demands by bringing in popular casino games. Sometimes, they even make brand new ones of their own, like game shows and live slots!

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Constant innovation and iteration has led live casinos to become the most promising online casino vertical.Something other developers like Pragmatic Play have noticed. The team is a relative newcomer to live dealer games, but it has produced quite a few popular games. After the success of Mega Wheel, the team returns to card games and bring us their version of Dragon Tiger. How does it stack up against its competitors?

How to Play

Each round starts with a brief betting period. During this time, players can choose one of the available coin values and place their bets. You can wager on one or more stakes until the timer runs out. At that point, any bets on the screen will be accepted and the game will proceed to the next stage.

The host will draw three cards. The first drawn card is immediately placed in the discarded pile. The second and third cards are assigned to the Dragon and Tiger positions, respectively. The cards are placed face down. After a few seconds, the dealer reveals the two cards.

You win Dragon Tiger by correctly predicting which side will win. The winning side is determined using card values. The ace is the weakest card, worth just one point. Cards two to ten are worth their face value. For example, a two will be worth two points. J, Q and K are worth eleven, twelve or thirteen points, respectively. The side with the highest value card will be the winner.

Dragon Tiger Bets

Players have access to four main bets in Pragmatic Play’s Dragon Tiger Live. These are the Dragon, Tiger, Tie and Suited Tie. Dragon and Tiger bets will win if their respective side wins and pay 1:1 when won. Tie pays 11:1 if both Dragon and Tiger display the same value card. Suited Tie pays 50:1 if Dragon and Tiger display the same value card with matching suits.

Additionally, Dragon Tiger has six side bets that can be played on both the Dragon and Tiger side. These side bets are:

  • Small
  • Big
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Red
  • Black

Big side bets win if an 8 or higher card value is drawn. It loses if a 6 or lower is drawn. Small bets are the opposite. They win if the dealer draws a six or less, and lose if its an eight or higher.

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Odd and even side bets are also opposed. Odd side bets win when the cards value is an odd number. That means it wins if the dealer draws A, 3, 5, 9, J and K. Even side bets win if the dealer draws an even number. That includes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and Q.

Last on the list of side bets are red and black. Red wins if the drawn card’s suit is red. Black wins if the drawn card’s suit is black.

All three side-bets pay 1:1 when won. They also only apply for the side you bet on. That means an odd bet on the Dragon side will not win if an odd-numbered card appears on Tiger’s position. Finally, side bets are disabled after 50 game rounds have been played per card shoe. They are enabled again after the deck is reshuffled.

Worth Playing?

Fans of live casinos are no doubt well aware of Dragon Tiger. The draw is in its simplicity, which Pragmatic Play has not tampered with. Instead, the developer added on more things for players to enjoy. Some side bets are things we have already seen elsewhere, while others are new to Pragmatic Play’s version. If you liked Dragon Tiger before, you will love this game. If it was too simple for you, new side bets will not alleviate that.