Pragmatic Play Updates Live Casino Vertical With Two New Baccarat Variants

Classic table games are a staple in every online casino, but even they can use freshening up from time to time. To up the stakes and liven up the scene, Pragmatic Play has released two exciting new Baccarat variants players are bound to go wild for! These new additions are the perfect mix of old and new, combining everything we love about old-school gameplay with modern features that bring forth hefty rewards!

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The world of online gambling has come far in the last two decades. While basic RNG table games and simplistic slots ruled back in the day, we’re now treated to top-tier gaming marvels that are hard to look away from! Of course, we’re referring to the beautiful onslaught of modern themed slots and Live Casino games that are now a staple in most venues. These updated takes on casino classics elevate the overall gameplay experience by a mile, and it’s hard to imagine a world where we don’t have them to fall back on.

Of the categories mentioned, Live Casino titles are what most people picture when they think of modern online gaming. These games bring the traditional casino experience to your own home, using live-streaming technology to breathe new life into the scene. The variety within this category is undisputed, but there’s always more to see. If you’re looking to enjoy the latest fun additions to the Live Dealer field, look no further than Pragmatic Play’s exciting new Baccarat releases!

Fortune 6 Baccarat

The first new game on the list is Fortune 6 Baccarat. Sometimes, sticking to the basics can be a good thing. Many online casino fans prefer a more classic gameplay experience, which is why Fortune 6 Baccarat offers a classic take on this popular casino category, with a few optional bells and whistles for interested adventurers. These additions come in the form of side bets. Players can make some interesting predictions here, including guesses on which side, the player or dealer, will draw a hand with a value closer to nine.

Another addition to this particular title is the titular “Fortune 6” side bet. This feature was created by Pragmatic Play to spice up gameplay and give users even more ways to win. If you happen to draw a six in the first three cards, you’re privy to bumper payouts! As you can imagine, most people are fans of this creative add-on, so we’re sure this Baccarat variant will become a huge hit in no time.

Super 8 Baccarat

The second game in the updated Pragmatic Play lineup is another classic take on Baccarat. While the base gameplay is practically unchanged, users will be happy to learn that several unique side bets make this title red hot! The best new feature you’ll encounter is a callback to the game’s name. If the first two cards you draw form a natural eight, you’ll be treated to hefty wins! There’s more good news. You can win this side bet one more way. If the cards dealt to the banker and player are the same color or suit, you still snag a prize!