Prepare for a Trip to Boom City Live: Pragmatic Play’s New Game Show

As live casinos continue to grow, so does the need to innovate. Increased competition drives many software providers to develop new ideas to draw people in. The rise of game shows proves these new game types are popular with players! It has also led Pragmatic Play to launch a new game show called Boom City Live.

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The game promises an exciting gameplay loop, featuring many fun bonuses and a 20,000x top prize. This article will check out Pragmatic Play’s latest release and determine whether it’s worth our time.

How to play Boom City Live?

We play Boom City Live on an enormous 6×6 grid. The grid contains multiplier numbers, a bust symbol, or one of four bonus icons. Furthermore, the multiplier numbers can be 1x, 2x, or 5x. You win the symbol you draw from the playing field. However, drawing a bust icon means you lose the round.

Pragmatic Play’s release determines what position gets drawn using two dice. One of the dice is gold-coloured and picks the vertical column on the grid. The other die has a blue colour and determines the horizontal column. Every round, these two dice decide which position on the grid will get drawn.

Boom City Live’s Bonuses

The Power Up bonus is the easiest one to activate. If the dice pick a position with the Power Up symbol, the feature transforms all bust icons into a 1x multiplier symbol. Meanwhile, all other multiplier numbers get increased. The game then plays an extra dice roll, allowing you to win the improved rewards. The Power Up feature also affects the other bonus rounds.

Boom or Bust is also played on a 6×6 grid. The feature has several levels, which you have to advance through to keep winning. After getting to a new level, you can cash out your earned value or keep playing. You bust and lose if you run into a red cross while moving up the levels. However, the bonus features safe values that protect you from losing all your winnings.

Next up is Dice Battle! Players can choose to bet on the blue or gold dice before the bonus starts. Both dice then roll three times, with their result getting added to the total on their side. The side with the highest total wins the battle! Both totals are converted into a multiplier and added together to form a reward for the winning side. If you pick the losing side, you only get your side’s multiplier.

Last up is Lucky Drop. You play it on a grid of six columns, with each column corresponding to a side of a die. After a player selects their column, the extra feature does a maximum of six dice rolls. Each time the dice roll matches a selected column, the multiplier reward increases.

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Payouts and RTPs

The RTP in this Pragmatic Play release is 96.43%. That is slightly lower than Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, whose RTP is 96.95%. Both games offer a 20,000x top prize despite vastly different gameplay loops. If you want to win Boom City’s jackpot, you will have to get lucky with its bonus rounds.

Boom City Live Strategy

Pragmatic Play does not want people trying to play Boom City Live optimally. You are wholly at the mercy of the dice roll and what it picks for you. The only thing you can do is cross your fingers and hope Lady Luck is on your side! This might not appeal to all players, but it will make the game more accessible to casual audiences.

Final Thoughts

A new live casino game show always gets the team excited. Pragmatic Play’s latest release proves their previous game show success was not a one-off fluke. The team created an excellent live dealer game with many exciting bonuses and a thrilling top prize! If you are looking for something new to play, you should check out Boom City Live.