Why Play First Person Games?

Live casino games have always been at the forefront of innovation. The people who run them are smart and talented, and have overcome many issues the genre had. At the same time, some problems are proving too resistant to solve. Faced with such a situation, the developers at Evolution Gaming opted for a unique approach.

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With the rising popularity of live dealer titles, we had thought them becoming default was inevitable. So imagine our surprise when Evolution came out with a suite of RNG-powered tables! Titled under the First Person brand, they give a lovely preview of the best this developer has to offer.

Of course, that raises the question: why would they make such a move? Why would the developer that is synonymous for live casino games opt for RNG tables? There are plenty of good reasons to do this, and we will explain them all!

Convenience is King

Part of what made online casinos so popular was the convenience they offered. No longer did you have to dress up and drive to your local venue. Instead, you could lean back in your comfortable chair, and enjoy all the action from your home. It was just you and the game, with no other distractions getting in between.

There is no denying live dealer titles have gone a long way towards immersing players. At the same time, they cut into convenience a fair amount. Since you are playing with other punters, you have a timer counting down for your every decision. Dealers are entertaining and informative, but can be distracting from the game itself.

Evolution’s First Person series gets rid of these extras. You are back to playing alone, against a computer opponent. As a result, you do not have to worry about a timer stopping you from taking your time with bets. You will never run into a fully crowded table, either. There will always be multiple spots waiting for you! No matter which way you slice it, these games are just more convenient.

More Budget Friendly

Fans of live casino games enjoy the presence of dealers. Their existence makes the whole thing feel closer to the real thing. The chat with the audience and keep you entertained while you play your favourite games. Those dealers are paid a salary, and the software providers have to invest in their training. All of this creates extra expenses.

Now, the developers can eat some of the cost, but not all of it. On top of the dealers, there are also the added costs of livestreaming high quality video! As a result, live dealer games are, on average, more expensive than RNG tables. The difference is not massive, of course. However, it does add up after you play a couple of hundred rounds!

If you have a tight budget and constantly worry about your bankroll management, First Person games may be something worth considering. Evolution Gaming has put in a lot of effort to make these titles look as good as the originals do! You can get an almost identical experience for a lower price tag. Talk about an amazing deal!

Easy to Go Back

Part of what makes Evolution’s First Person games so good is the fact they allow for easy swaps. You can have a blast playing them by yourself. However, if you start missing other players or want a more immersive experience, it is easy to swap. All you have to do is click the Go Live button and you are taken to the live casino version immediately. The transition is super smooth, which we really like!

You will also find that the developers have fantastic support for their newer titles, too. The recently launched Mega Ball also has a first person version. It is the perfect way to learn the intricacies of that release before playing it with other people.


Ultimately, first person games are Evolution’s way of giving punters what they want. They have come a long way in improving the flaws of live dealer games, but some problems simply cannot be resolved currently. We have no doubt the creative minds of developers are already hard at work getting around those limitations. Until that day comes, the First Person games make for a lovely live casino alternative.