Will Evolution New Live Baccarat Feature Red Envelope Change the Game?

Evolution making headlines is nothing new for fans of live casino games. However, they usually grab our attention by introducing brand new games. That said, this latest addition will apply to almost all baccarat casino games, barring a few exceptions.

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In this article, we will take a detailed look into the new Red Envelope feature. What can players expect from this feature? What games will it be available in? Is it worth checking out? We will answer all of these questions in this article.

Red Envelope Details

Unlike other baccarat side bets, Red Envelope is not something you can play every round. Instead, the game can randomly generate one or more envelopes! Envelopes can appear on Tie, Banker Pair or Player Pair positions on the betting field. Up to three envelopes can appear in one round, meaning you can get one for each of the three positions. 

While envelopes usually contain prizes, Evolution’s variant increases the payout for these side bets. How much the cash prize increases varies each time. The maximum increase it can create is 88x your total stake. Each envelope’s prize increase is a separate event. Even if you have three envelopes, odds are each one will offer a different cash prize.

How do you win this increased prize? Place a wager on a bet spot marked with a Red Envelope. When an envelope is active, the relevant bet spot will show a red envelope animation. If you win the side bet while Red Envelope is active, you will receive the higher payout. Not playing the side bet or losing results in a loss.

Where Can You Play the Red Envelope Feature?

Evolution has enabled this feature in almost all of their live baccarat games. However, there are some notable exceptions. These are Lightning Baccarat, Dual Play Baccarat and First Person Baccarat. We can guess why the software provider chose to leave these titles out. Lightning Baccarat already has its own system for increasing payouts. Adding another on top of that would probably cause issues.

You can find all the baccarat games with Red Envelope enabled listed below.

  • Live Baccarat – Fun as variants might be, they can rarely stand up to the timeless fun of the classics. Live Baccarat brings a game popular among Asian casinos to a global market. This release was already the best way to play baccarat online. This new addition just reinforces that further.
  • Salon Privé – VIP players always get a few extra goodies. If they like baccarat, Evolution offers them an exclusive VIP environment with Salon Privé. These tables offer higher maximum bets and allow casino members to choose dealers, the shuffle and the game speed.
  • Baccarat Squeeze – Squeezing the edges of a card and hoping for good luck is a well-known baccarat tradition. One that Evolution brought to live casinos everywhere with Baccarat Squeeze. Fifteen cameras are focused on the cards as the squeeze happens, giving you a very in-depth look at the process.

Best Live Casinos For Your Country

  • Baccarat Controlled Squeeze – If you prefer to do the squeezing, Evolution has you covered. As soon as the cards are placed on the table, their number and symbol are scanned. However, the card will obscured until the player flips them themselves.
  • Speed Baccarat – If standard baccarat is a bit slow, we suggest checking out Speed Baccarat. This version shortens the game round from 48 seconds down to 27 seconds. This is done by dealing cards face up and keeping result announcements as short as possible.
  • No Commission Baccarat – Almost all baccarat games come with a 5% commission on banker wins. However, that is not the case in No Commission Baccarat, hence the name. Instead, players are paid 0.5:1 when a banker scores six. Unique to No Commission Baccarat is the super 6 side-bet, which pays 15:1 if the banker scores a six.

Is It Worth Playing?

Red Envelope helps improve the RTP of several side bets in Evolution’s Live Baccarat games. However, it does not make it the optimal choice to play these wagers. If you want the best possible return to player, you should stick to main bets. However, if you just want an occasional shot at a big win, then the Red Envelope feature is a must-play.