Will Tracking Results Help You Win in Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is one of Evolution’s most successful live game shows. With four extra features and a lucky wheel, it has captivated a massive audience and delivered a world-class experience. As with any popular casino game, casino members do their best to land huge wins. To help their odds, players turn to every advantage they can muster: including tracking results.

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While this can seem like a good strategy, first looks can be deceiving. Our article tackles if tracking the results is worth your time in Crazy Time and other live dealer games.

Should I Do It?

The short answer is no. Not because stats are useless but because most people misuse the given information. Evolution knows tracking the stats is helpful. That is why the developer gives you the option to track that information in-game. Playing Crazy Time displays the results of the previous twenty-one rounds when wagering money.

How do people misuse tracking stats? It comes from a belief many casino members have called the Gambler’s Fallacy. The fallacy believes an outcome will happen soon because it has not happened yet. Another variant is thinking an event is more likely to occur compared to a different event that happened recently.

Let’s apply this to Crazy Time examples to make it more relatable. Let’s say you are tracking results for bonus rounds and see Cash Hunt has not been activated in a long time. Gambler’s Fallacy would lead you to assume the bonus is just around the corner because it has not been triggered recently. Similarly, if the game activated the Pachinko feature recently, the fallacy might mislead you into thinking it will not fire again anytime soon.

Here You Can Play Crazy Time

This kind of thinking makes sense initially. However, it ignores the fundamental reality of casino games: they are 100% random. The lucky wheel does not remember what outcome it produced in the last round. Instead, each new spin has results unaffected by what came previously.

Yes, the results will eventually even out over time and reach the expected results. However, it is wrong to assume the correction will happen anytime soon. You could get lucky, and it will happen as you predicted it. It could also occur two hundred or three hundred spins from now, long after you spent your funds chasing a fallacious trend.

Crazy Time is all about giant Money Wheel
Crazy Time is all about a giant Money Wheel

What are Stat Trackers for?

Stat trackers help give you some information about the game. For example, let’s say you have a tracker that displays the results of Crazy Time bonus rounds. That includes how often they trigger, their average win, the last time one was activated, and so on. This information can help you plan. It helps you learn that Coin Flip triggers most frequently and that Crazy Time has the best payouts. Helpful information, but you should not use it to predict the outcome of the next spin.

If you go looking, you will find many Crazy Time stats trackers available. They track several data points alongside bonus rounds. That includes spin history, top multipliers, biggest wins, a chronological list of big wins, comparisons between theoretical and actual occurrence frequency, and more.

Does a Crazy Time Strategy Exist?

While stat trackers may fail you, you can still rely on strategies to improve your odds of success. Mind you, improve does not mean guaranteed success. As with all casino games, Crazy Time is dependent on luck. However, following our guide should hopefully help net you some exciting rewards.

The strategy the livecasino24.com team usually uses is simple. You bet money on numbers one and ten to get drawn by the lucky wheel. Alongside these two wagers, you bet on all four bonuses. Wagers on the numbers should cover costs for that round. This approach gives you decent winning combinations and a shot at winning more from special features.