Ezugi Delivers a Super-Charged Live Ultimate Andar Bahar

As one of the biggest live casino software providers, Ezugi continues to deliver exciting and unique releases. The team was among the first to launch live dealer Indian games, which helped popularize them with players and developers. Today, we are taking a look at Ultimate Andar Bahar, a game that combines familiar gameplay with the thrill of winning impressive multipliers.

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Does this Ezugi release have what it takes to win players over? Our experts break down every aspect of this title to find out.

All About Ultimate Andar Bahar

If you played the original Andar Bahar, this version will immediately be familiar. Ezugi did not mess with the core gameplay loop. You need to predict if a card matching the first drawn card will appear in the Andar or Bahar position. Players can play main bets for a higher win chance or side bets for better potential payouts.

New to Ultimate Andar Bahar is the addition of multipliers. Multipliers can appear on main and side bets, which allows you to get impressive wins. If you want to score the game’s top prize, you will have to get lucky with its multipliers.

How to Play Ultimate Andar Bahar?

Every round starts with a betting period, where players can place main bets and side bets. You get around 15 seconds of betting time between each round. After wagering ends, the host draws a single card and sets it in the Joker position.

The game then starts drawing cards to the Andar and Bahar positions. The host alternates between the two – first drawing a card for Andar, then Bahar, then back to Andar, etc. The card draws keep going until a matching card appears on the table. You win the main bet if you correctly predict where the card will land.

Because the first card always appears on the Andar pile, Bahar has a slightly higher chance of winning. Ezugi’s release compensates for that by decreasing Bahar’s payout. Bahar awards a 0.9:1 payout, while Andar awards a 1:1 reward.

Ultimate Andar Bahar Side Bets

Ultimate Andar Bahar has eight side bets. They all try to predict how many cards you have to draw before a matching card appears. You can see the payouts and each RTP for each side bet listed below.

Side BetPayoutRTP

Alongside standard side bets is the game’s multiplier feature. Cards can randomly appear with a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x multiplier. If a card with a multiplier is drawn on your selected side, your payout is boosted by the corresponding multipliers. Side bets can also randomly get a 10x multiplier. If you win that side bet, the multiplier increases its payout.

Does Ultimate Andar Bahar Have Any Strategies?

Unfortunately, Ultimate Andar Bahar does not allow you to employ any strategies. There is no telling when the host will draw a matching card or how many cards will have to get drawn before that happens.

The release only having a single deck is not helpful either. The deck is shuffled after every round, preventing you from counting cards.

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Is Ezugi’s Ultimate Andar Bahar Worth Your Time?

If you enjoyed the original Andar Bahar, you will also have fun with Ezugi’s upgraded version. There are no gameplay changes present in the release. Instead, the game adds random multipliers that increase your payouts from time to time. Everything comes down to luck, meaning you can play Ultimate Andar Bahar just like the original.

While not perfect, the game has impressed many of us at livecasino24.com. Because of that, we are happy to recommend this release.