Ezugi’s Latest Live Dealer Innovation Revealed

Live casino software providers are constantly on the move. As the industry grows, they have to work hard to keep up, or else they will be left behind. Ezugi has already set its sights on the Latin American market. Now, their latest announcement shows just how committed they are to this goal.

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The company made a splash when they announced the launch of a new studio, called Gaming Bar Studio Peru. Through it, the supplier hopes to establish itself as the number one Spanish-speaking live dealer provider in the region. How will a new studio persuade players to sign on to play with Ezugi? That comes down to the unique things their new studio offers to players.

Breathtaking Performances

When hiring dealers for Gaming Bar Studio Peru, Ezugi went an extra mile. The hosts speak fluent Spanish, but they are also highly trained Cirque du Soleil entertainers. When they take a break from dealing cards, they move to the dance floor to put on a show-stopping performance.

The studio will handle Ezugi’s Unlimited Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette live tables. Their core audience is the Latin American market, tying into Ezugi’s earlier plans to expand into the region. However, there is a chance the software provider makes these releases available internationally. We certainly hope they go down that route. This live casino experience sounds like something we would not want to miss.

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Exact details remain undefined currently. We do not know if you can skip the performance if you just want to keep playing. Ideally, we would like a split-screen option of some kind to be included. Being able to watch the performance while still being able to play our favourite games is the best option. If that is not possible, having the option to skip past is the next best thing for disinterested players.

Part of a Wider Plan

Loyal readers will know this is not the first time we covered Ezugi’s ambitions in the Latin American market. They were a key player in our Is Latin America the Most Promising Market for Live Casino Niche article. We will not recap the entire article here, but what Ezugi is doing definitely fits the statements of their spokespeople.

Ezugi’s LatAm territory manager Eric Mendez said that the company has to understand the culture of this new market. Blanket global solutions will not work. Gaming Bar Studio Peru shows us that Ezugi is not simply offering empty words. They are working hard to capture the attention of their new Latin American audience.

The new studio will be available across all Latin American countries Ezugi has a presence. It will be available alongside existing LatAm studios, such as the one the company recently launched in Colombia.

What Comes Next?

Impressive Cirque du Soleil entertainers will not mean much if the company cannot continue expanding. Ezugi stated one of the main challenges in the region is that each country has its own regulations. However, the company works hard to meet those standards. The faster Ezugi enters a market, the better its chances are of becoming an established name.

Exactly what Ezugi will do in the future remains to be seen. They will continue collaborating with online casinos in the region and expanding to new countries. Beyond that, we cannot predict the company’s next move. Though you can rest assured we will keep you in the loop as soon as we know more.