Full Review of Brand New Royal Poker by Ezugi

We have had the pleasure of trying games made by many software providers over the years. However, few were able to combine unique, less traditional games and superb quality on the same level as Ezugi. The developer always stood out from the crowd, which was instrumental in their success. Their latest addition, Royal Poker, continues that exciting trend.

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Royal Poker features the familiar duel of poker hands with some unique additions. Will these fun variations be enough to tempt the poker crowd to try Ezugi’s release?

Ezugi Royal Poker Overview

Royal Poker is another name for Russian Poker, a well-known poker variant. It is played with one deck of fifty-two cards, reshuffled between each round. Despite seeming overwhelming initially, none of its additions are difficult to grasp. Instead, they give players an option to improve their hands, increasing the odds of winning.

Each round of Royal Poker starts with the player and host receiving five cards. The goal of the game is to get a better five-card hand than the dealer. After the hand is dealt, you can play it in several ways. If you have a great hand, you can play it as is. Alternatively, casino members can take another card or swap two to five cards in their hands.

After the player decides what they want to do, the dealer draws five community cards. If you choose that option, the first drawn card will become your sixth card. All card swaps also draw from the community cards. The host cannot use the community cards.

The dealer must have an Ace-King or above in their hand to qualify for the round. If they do not qualify, players only win the Ante, while the bet position ends in a push. Ezugi gives you the option to buy an extra card for the dealer to help them qualify. We recommend doing this if you have a strong hand and are confident you will win.

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Ezugi Royal Poker Strategies

Ezugi did not make any massive changes to their Royal Poker game. Because of that, you can use many Russian Poker strategies to try and get ahead. Below, we share the method we use when playing to improve our odds of winning. Remember that no strategy can guarantee a victory but can improve your odds.

When playing Royal Poker, we look for strong hands. These hands include an Ace-King or better, an open-ended flush, four cards to a flush, or three cards of a straight or royal flush. If the dealer is showing a five or lower, you can try to build a hand if it has a Queen in it. Other hands are weak and not worth pursuing.

A sixth card is always a tempting pick. It allows you to complete your current hand and create a two-hand win combination. The latter gives opportunities for extra payouts, which is always attractive to casino members. We recommend buying the sixth card if you already have a winning hand and want to make it stronger. You can also buy a sixth card if your hand is a flush or an open-ended straight draw.

Exchanging cards at the right time is essential for a successful Royal Poker strategy.

  • If you have an Ace-King, exchange the other three cards
  • If you have three cards of a straight or royal flush, swap out two cards
  • If you have a Queen and the dealer has less than a five, swap four cards. Otherwise, you should fold.
  • If you have a three-of-a-kind and the host is not showing their fourth card, exchange the two other cards.

The cost of taking a sixth hand and swapping cards is 1x the Ante.

Ezugi Royal Poker RTP and Rewards

The RTP for Ezugi’s Royal Poker is 98.23%. Your maximum payout varies if you have taken the sixth card or not. A regular five-card poker hand can award a 100:1 top prize for winning with a royal flush. Taking the sixth card enables winning double hands payouts. The maximum award for double hands is 150:1 for the royal flush and straight flush combo. Playing with the right strategy and luck can earn you these attractive prizes. It has certainly kept the livecasino24.com team playing long into the night!