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Cash or Crash Live is a fun and unique live game show which has been themed as if in the sky. The theme of the game is also set up to climb a 20 step ladder-style pay-out table.

This has to be said that this game show is very different from any game show you’ll experience. It’s simple but it is interesting. There is only one bet in this game but that single offers you high chances of winnings.

As mentioned previously the game features a 2- step, ladder-style paytable. The higher you soar on this table, the more are the chances of winning for you. There is a green and a red ball, the green takes you up and the red brings you down.

The returns from this game are amazing. There are twenty levels and the payout limit goes from 1.2x to 18,000x in case the shield is not broken. If the shield is broken, the payout goes to a massive limit of 50,000x.

Where to Play Cash or Crash

How to Play Cash or Crash

Time needed: 5 minutes

Cash or Crash takes place in a zeppelin. Inside the zeppelin is a ball puller, this is the most important part. The ball puller has 19 green colored balls, eight red colored balls and one gold colored ball. Balls are drawn until the round of play is over.

  1. Place a bet

    The game begins with the player placing a bet. This bet amount is usually pre-decided by the casino and the bet amounts are displayed in front of you in the form of chips. You need to select whatever amount you’d like to bet.

    place bet cash or crash

  2. Ball drawing

    Once the bets are closed, the ball puller goes to work. Then, after a few seconds, a ball is pulled up from the machine. The color of the ball is very important.

    ▪ Green ball: Another ball is drawn and your winnings increase.
    ▪ Red ball: No new ball is drawn and you lose your winnings.
    ▪ Gold ball: You are protected against one red ball. If a red ball is drawn after the gold ball, you do not immediately lose your winnings.

    ball drawing cash or crash

  3. Make your decision

    After each green ball you have a choice.

    ▪ Continue: As the name suggests, it means that you stay in the game with 100% of your stake amount and your winnings, and you play the next round.
    ▪ Take Half: This means that you cash out 50% of your winnings and stay in the game with the other 50%.
    ▪ Take All: Take all means that you cash out 100% of your winnings and the game round ends for you.

    make decision cash or crash

  4. New round

    The game ends when you draw a red ball or when you take your win. Then you can start over by placing a bet.

Game features

Cash or Crash live is a very simple and low-risk game and hence, not many features have been added to the game. As mentioned before, there is a Golden Ball feature that breaks the green/red ball system in the game. This golden ball acts not only as a shield but also as a payout multiplier.

cash or crash golden ball

Over the screen, there are various different types of features listed that help to ensure smooth gameplay. There is a small box that keeps displaying the payout levels you have reached. There is a table on the left that shows the chances of getting a green ball and one on the right which shows the chances of getting a red ball. All three options: Continue, Take Half and Take All are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Live dealer games from Evolution have always been renowned to put on a show, but this one takes it to a whole new level. The augmented reality in the background will take you on a flying voyage as you ascend the payoff ladder. A vivid display of a cartoony metropolis appears to cover the majority of the game’s studio. In addition, in the lower right corner, you’ll see a result history.


The game is simple and the only strategy you need is about decision-making. The decision to continue, take half or take all. The game is a high variance game and this means that there will be lots of small wins and little massive wins for you.

The best low-risk strategy would be to cash out as soon as you bag a profit. This might make your play a little boring but you will not be losing your money.

However, if you can afford to take some risk, the take half option is wonderful. After you choose to take half, you need to move up two levels to break even. After you’ve reached there you will basically be playing with free money. This means that even if you lose now, it’s not a loss. Trying to take half and banking the winnings is one of the best strategies to make profits.

There is also a strategy that Evolution recommends, they say that take balls up to level 9 and then stop. And if in case you get a golden ball you can continue playing until you get a red ball.

Cash or Crash FAQ

While playing the base game, without the Golden Ball, the maximum payout is 18.000x. When you play with the Golden Ball, the multiplier, the maximum payout is 50.000x.

You play cash or crash with 28 balls. This contains 19 green balls, 8 red balls and one Golden Ball.

The minimum bet at Cash or Crash is €0.20 and the maximum bet is €10.000.

You play Cash or Crash with an optimal RTP of 99,95%. This is really high for online live games.