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Ezugi’s Bet on Numbers is one of the most popular games of chance the live casino games developer offers. Players are given the chance to bet on numbers, colours and sums. This allows for many different combinations and a lot of multipliers.

Bet on Number clients bet on betting propositions such as the colour of the first three numbers. They also bet on whether the sums will be less than 120 or whether it will be more than 155. Furthermore, betting propositions such as one, two, three or four selected balls make the game much more profitable.

For example, the four selected balls proposition comes with a 2000 multiplayer. All of this means that Bet on Numbers comes with tons of betting avenues. More importantly though, it comes with lots of ways to win big sums of cash.

Here You Can Play This Game

How to Play Bet on Numbers

Bet on Numbers is streamed live from Ezugi’s Baltic VIP studio. The game is on 24/7 and this means that players have access to a live game at all times.

What’s more, Bet on Numbers comes without any restrictions in terms of numbers of players accepted. The game accepts unlimited numbers of players and this means that anyone can play. Casino operators love this as it guarantees a lot of player traffic and revenue.

Another thing which makes Bet on Numbers so appealing is the fact that multiple tickets are allowed. This increases chances for victory for players and increases revenue for providers.

In addition to this, the fact that there is a live draw every 4-6 minutes ensures quick dispatch of rounds. This means that players are never kept waiting for long and that is always great.

In terms of the quality of the live stream, the game also get top marks. All Bet on Numbers live streams are in Full HD and that makes for a much better playing experience.

Finally, as with all Ezugi games, Bet on Numbers is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. In addition, the game is also verified by SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse.

Bet on Numbers live
Bet on Numbers Gameplay

Game Features

One of the key things which make Ezugi’s Bet on Numbers so popular is the attractive offer of payouts. The game gives players the chance to bet on numbers, colours and sums. What’s more, all of the propositions come with quite lucrative multipliers.

If a player bets on which number will be dropped, he/she is given several options. The player can try and predict the specific number and this comes with a 7x multiplier. A bolder move would be to back two balls and the multiplier there is 70x. Obviously these two betting propositions come with high multipliers as they are quite hard to get right.

However, the next two propositions of predicting correctly three or four balls come with astronomical multipliers. Getting three balls right has a multiplier of 750x and four correct balls come with a 2000x multiplier.

Betting on colours is also quite profitable. Players can bet that the first colour will be red at odds of 1.7. Betting that the first two balls will be red comes with higher odds of 3.5. If a player thinks that the first three balls will be the same colour, he/she is given odds of 3.5.

On the higher odds spectrum is backing that all dropped balls will be red or white. Backing these two outcomes comes with respective odds of 50 and 60.

Finally, players can also bet on sums. Here a player can bet that the sum will be less or more than a given number. For example, betting that the sum will be less than 120 has odds of 4. Less than 135 on the other hand, has odds of 2.5. More than 155 and Less than 65 come with identical odds of 2. Lastly, More than 170 comes with enticing odds of 3.

In addition to these attractive payouts, players are also given other nice features. These include saving favourite bets, risk management, and betting shops compatibility.