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If there is one thing that Ezugi excels in, it is Keno. Streamed live from their Latvia live casino, Ezugi’s Keno is the best in the business. It offers unparalleled high-quality user interface and comes with tons of chances to make winnings.

The best aspect of Ezugi’s Keno is the fact that all numbers are drawn by a live dealer. This means that there is no RNG element in deciding which number is drawn next . This ensures maximum transparency and fairness is always guaranteed.

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How to Play Keno by Ezugi

Keno is streamed live from Ezugi’s Baltic VIP studio located in Latvia. All games are streamed in Full HD and that is absolutely crucial to the whole Keno experience. Players can choose between a classic and full-screen mode and both provide a satisfactory experience.

Another factor that makes Ezugi’s Keno such a high-quality product is the unlimited number of players accepted. Unlike other live casino games, Keno is open to everyone who joins in and is without any player restrictions.

This tendency to bring all games closer to players is at the core of how Ezugi operates. In line with this is the fact that Keno is available in 6 languages. Crucially, one of those languages is English, which means that there is never a language barrier.

In addition to this, the game is brought closer to players through other methods too. One is the fact that the game is on 24/7 which means that it is impossible to miss it. This is a big problem for other game developers, but Ezugi offers constant Keno entertainment at all times of the day.

Keno is also brought closer to players through player engagement and share/invite tools. These enable that everyone tastes the benefits of the game and creates a greater reach of Keno.

Finally, Keno is a fully legitimate game. For one, it is licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. In addition to this license, the game is also verified by SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse.

Game Features

There are several features that make the game great for both players and casino operators. First of all, Keno limits are configurable by each operator independently. This means that the operator can fully customize the minimum and maximum depositing limits. This is also good for players as casino operators always goes with flexible limits when they decide them.

Secondly, the jackpot is also made fully configurable. This means that the operator can decide on when and how the jackpot is paid out. This is crucial to casino operators and Ezugi has certainly tried to accommodate the needs of its clients here.

Finally, another thing that is customizable for each operator is the number of balls selected per game. This is done to ensure that each operator can add its own twist to Keno.

In addition to these features, Keno also comes with other appealing options. Chief amongst these is the live chat feature. It enables players to communicate amongst each other and with the dealer. This makes for a much friendlier atmosphere in which all participants feel fully involved.

All in all, Ezugi’s Keno is much more than just drawing numbers. The game has tons of features that increase its reach and ensure excitement. Players are never left waiting, play the game in high-quality and are almost always given flexible limits.