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Casino players love lottery games. Live casino players embrace the lightning casino games of Evolution, like Lightning Roulette. This convinced Evolution to develop a whole new live casino game: Lightning Lotto Live.

It looks in the beginning like a normal lottery game, but it isn’t. And the combination with the lightning multipliers is brilliant. It gives the game much more excitement. Evolution adds another game to the amazing “Lightning Family”.

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What is Lightning Lotto Live?

Casino games where balls are drawn are very popular. This is one of the reasons more and more of these “ball-drawing” games are developed and embraced by online casinos. The popularity of games like Monopoly Big Baller and Mega Ball did convince Evolution to develop a new kind of “ball-drawing” casino game: Lightning Lotto Live.

The game is very easy to play. First, you must decide how many tickets you want to participate in the Lotto. Set the amount of each ticket you’re gonna play with. You need at least one ticket to join the game, and the maximum number of tickets you can play at the same time is 25. This will cost you 25x the amount of 1 ticket, but you’ll have 25 chances to win at that game.

After purchasing your tickets the game begins. People like bouncing ball games and in Lightning Lotto there are two drums with bouncing balls. In the first drum, there are 40 balls (numbers 1 to 40) and in the second drum, there are 10 balls (1 to 10).

Lightning Lotto has two drums with bouncing balls

From the first drum, 5 balls are drawn. After that, there will be drawn 1 ball from the other drum. The first 5 balls are the normal numbers on your lotto ticket, the last ball is the bonus number one on your ticket. The more numbers you got matched with the drawn balls, the bigger your winnings.

Five balls from drum 1 and one ball from drum 2

At the start of every game, 1 Lightning Number will be attached to one ball from drum 2. If this ball is drawn as the bonus ball and you’ve got that ball on your ticket, your winnings will be multiplied by the Lightning multiplier. Huge winnings can be won.

The goal is simple: Just hope that the numbers that are drawn, match the numbers on your ticket, just like all other lotteries. This game is pure and simple but it has got a great twist with the Lightning Number with multipliers.

Strategy, RTP, and Release date

Like all lottery games, there is no specific strategy for playing Lightning Lotto Live. Be sure that you don’t risk any money that you can’t afford to lose. We recommend playing at least 2 tickets. The ideal number we think is 5 tickets, this will keep it more interesting and exciting. You increase your chance with more tickets per game.

The RTP has not yet been given by Evolution, but we estimate it will be close to 95%. The release of this fun live casino game will be at the beginning of Q3 and we think it will be around the 10th of September 2023.


Lightning Lotto Live is a normal lotto game where you hope that the numbers that are drawn, match the number on your ticket. The special thing in this Lotto game is the Lightning Number with a multiplier. If you have this Lighting Number on your ticket, the whole ticket gets a multiplier.

The maximum multiplier will be 500x. For a full ticket with multiplier, the maximum win is capped at 500,000€.

Absolutely, all Evolution Live Casino Games can be played on your mobile device as well as on your desktop.

We expect that this game will be playable in online casinos from September 10th 2023.

The game is developed by the well-known developer Evolution. Evolution makes great live casino games.

Not really with this game! In the long run, it’s not easy to win any casino game, but if you hit some Lightning Numbers that will give you a decent chance of getting upfront now and then.