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Evolution adds popular Asian-themed games, with Bac Bo being one of the latest releases. This Asian Live Casino game offers a unique twist by incorporating elements of Baccarat. The highlight is an exhilarating Tie bet, paying up to 88:1. It stands out as a dynamic and speedy option for those seeking endless anticipation. For a closer look at the game and its details, stay with us as we explore the excitement it brings to the table.

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What is Bac Bo

Bac Bo, as introduced, is an Asian game with many similarities to Baccarat. It combines the elegant flow and excitement that make Baccarat so popular, with easier-to-follow rules and gameplay compared to it. No cards are present in the gameplay, so no card shoe change to bother you, just dice.

This is a unique all-dice game, where instead of standard playing cards like in Baccarat, the score for the Player and Banker bets is the sum of values of the dice, two for each hand. Each die is placed in an individual shaker that shakes them automatically. What happens is that Banker and Player both roll their pair of dice, with the resulting two numbers added together to deliver the total two-dice result.

The highest hand result wins. The thrill builds throughout the dice shake since all scores are updated in the user interface the whole time. The excitement peaks when the third dice stops and it already becomes clear what is needed on the final shake to achieve a Player/Banker Win or Tie. Everything happens in front of your eyes, and it happens so fast, that the thrill is incomparable. This is one of the many reasons why the game has become a hit among players from all across the world.

How to Play Bac Bo

Time needed: 5 minutes

The objective of the game is, of course, to predict which hand will win by having the highest total of the two-dice roll. You can bet on Banker, Player, and Tie.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Bac Bo Live

    Go to your favorite online casino that offers the live casino games of Evolution. Click on the live casino section and look for Bac Bo. Click on the icon and the casino will take you directly to the live studio of Evolution.

    Bac Bo HT1 LC24

  2. Place your Bets

    The objective of the game is to predict which hand will win by having the highest two-dice total. You can bet on Player, Banker, and Tie. Choose the amount you want to bet and place it on the outcome you expect that will come.Bac Bo HT2 LC24

  3. The game begins

    The four dice, two for the Banker and two for the Player, are shaken individually. Each die is placed in an individual shaker recessed into the gaming table which shakes automatically. As you will soon learn, this is an exciting element of the game overall, since you can watch the dice being shaken, as the anticipation builds on where it would land.

    Bac Bo HT3 LC24

  4. Shake the Dice

    During the betting time, all dice start shaking at the same time but come to a stop at different times, adding to the anticipation and engagement and making the game far more exciting. The Player’s first die stops first, then the Banker’s first die. At this point, you see who’s got the highest score. If after the first shake, the Player has the highest value, the Player’s second die stops next. In the same manner, if after the first shake, the Player has the highest value, the Banker’s second die stops next. But if they were equal, the Player’s second die stops next.
    Bac Bo HT5 LC24

  5. The Result

    When all four dice have stopped shaking, the final result is displayed on the screen. The highest two-dice total wins. If the result is a Tie, there are several different payouts depending on the tied dice result. For example, if the Player’s and Banker’s dice rolls both total 12 or 2, the payout on the Tie bet is 88:1. Other tie totals pay different odds from 4:1 upwards.

    Bac Bo HT4 LC24

Results Explained

When all four dice stop shaking, the final round result is displayed on the screen. The winner is the highest two-dice total. Player and Banker Wins pay 1:1, but the Tie delivers different payouts, depending on the sum of the values of the two dice.

You get different payouts for a Tie, which depend on the two-dice roll result. If the game result is 6, 7, or 8, the payout you get is 4:1, but if 5 or 9, you get 6:1. 4 or 10 gives you a 10:1 payout, while 3 or 11 gives you 25:1. The best payout you could scoop is for a 12 or 2 game result, for which you get 88:1.


Given the fact Bac Bo is entirely based on luck, with the highest total of the two-dice roll being the winner, there is no strategy to help you out. But Evolution has ensured to provide you with the Betting Statistics, which shows the percentages of all bets placed on Player, Banker, and Tie. You could keep an eye on these statistics for future rounds.

However, the developer also made sure you have access to the Game Result Statistics, displaying how many percent of the 50 most recent games resulted in Player Win, Banker Win, or Tie. In addition, you have the Bead Road, Derived Roads, and Big Road, derived from past results recorded in the Big Road. Keep in mind, though, that these do not guarantee a win, but could help you predict the results for the future round.

FAQ about Bac Bo

Bac Bo is a unique, all-dice Asian-themed Live Casino game developed by Evolution. The highest two-dice roll total wins. Or you can bet on a Tie.

Compared to Baccarat, Bac Bo has no card shoe change. Also, there is no reset of the game history, since no cards are present in it, but four dice. Two dice roll for the Player, two for the Banker.

Evolution’s Bac Bo Live comes with an optimal RTP of 98.87%.

The biggest payout you could get on Bac Bo is 88:1. This is one of the payouts if the result is a Tie. But not any Tie. There are several different payouts for the Tie. You only get the 88:1 payout if the game result is 12 or 2.

Absolutely. Just like any other game of Evolution, Bac Bo Live can be played on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone device, regardless of whether powered by Android or iOS. So, no matter if you have an iPad or Samsung tablet, you can rest assured you can play the game in both portrait and landscape modes.