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If there’s something we’ve noticed about Evolution is that the developer continues finding ways to pleasantly surprise us by reinventing classic games played around the world and taking them Live. As is the case with this ancient Asian game called Fan Tan.

As simple as its gameplay is, Evolution has made sure Fan Tan is as exciting to play as any of its other popular games. With so many possible bets on offer, Fan Tan will certainly catch your eye; let’s explore it together.

About Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a game of chance, centered around white beads, initially placed in a glass dome. The professional and friendly dealer then uses a metal cup to separate a random number of these beads and sort them into lines of four using a golden stick.

The game revolves around the repeated division of the beads. So, you will see that the dealer continues removing these beads in lines of four from the cup until only a few beads remain. Now, your job is to predict how many beads are left covered with the cup, 1, 2, 3, or 4. The remaining beads will be placed at the center of the table, in a line, of course, for you to see them.

How to Play Fan Tan

Time needed: 5 minutes

The main objective of Fan Tan is to predict the number of beads that will remain in the final line of beads. It’s easy and simple as that. Read these steps so you know how to play it right.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Fan Tan

    The casino takes you to the live studio of Evolution where the host is presenting Fan Tan for all the live casino players.
    Fan Tan HT 1

  2. The Views

    Fan Tan comes with a choice of two views – the default game view or the advanced game view. The main bet types are displayed in the default game view. In the advanced game view you have access to additional traditional Fan Tan bet types. It’s possible to switch between the two game views by clicking on the View Switching button.
    Fan Tan ht 2

  3. Place Your Bets

    Each game rounds starts with the dealer making a selection of a random number of beads using the metal cup. It is during this period – before the selected beads covered by the cup are revealed by the dealer – that you place your bets on the betting grid.
    FAn TAn ht3

  4. Line Up The Beads

    After betting time has expired, the dealer reveals the selected beads and starts sorting the beads into lines of four using a special stick. There are only lines of four beads as you can see.
    Fan Tan ht 4

  5. Winnings are Paid

    When there are four or less beads remaining, the dealer will place these remaining beads in a line in the centre of the table and this brings you the final result: 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads. All winners get paid, a new game starts.
    Fan Tan ht5

Possible Bets Explained

Since the game does not have a bonus round, we will take you through the possible bets you could place. So, considering the game offers two game views, as mentioned, the default and the advanced game view, each with its own set of possible bets, we’ll explore them in detail.

Default Game View

  • Odd/Even – Paying 0.95:1, this is a bet you place on either winning on an Odd (1 or 3) or Even (2 or 4) result in the last line of beads.
  • Big/Small – Paying 0.95:1, this is a bet you place on either winning on a Small (1 or 2) or Big (3 or 4) result in the last line of beads.
  • Fan Bet – Paying 2.85:1, this is a bet you place on the precise number of beads remaining in the last line (1, 2, 3, or 4).
Fan Tan Default Game View

Advanced Game View

A note: you have the same bets as in the default view here, but several other classic Fan Tan bets are added in the advanced game view.

  • SSH (Sheh-sam-hong) – Paying 0.316667:1, this is a bet you place on three numbers to win. If the result is any of these number, you win; if another number, you lose. (Example: you place a bet on 3, 2, and 1 – you win if the result is 3, 2, or 1, but you lose if it’s 4).
  • Kwok – Paying 0.95:1, this is a bet you place on two precise numbers to win. If you place a bet on 2 and 3, and the result of the game round is exactly 2 and 3, you win; for any other result, you lose.
  • Nim – Paying 1.90:1, this is a bet you win on the precise number of beads remaining in the last line, but with two numbers. Here, the first counts as a win and the second as a push, with your initial bet returned. (Example: you place a 2 Nim 3 bet and the result is 2, you win. If the result is 3, you push; any other result, you lose).
Fan Tan Advanced Game View


Considering this is a game of chance, after all, there’s no real strategy you could use to predict your numbers. But, you can use the Detailed Game Result Statistics, with the recent game results for up to the last 500 game rounds, to get a sense of which numbers are winning the most.

The percentage of bet spots 1, 2, 3, 4, Odd/Even, and Big/Small are represented there. You can also see the scoreboards below these percentage bars, which allow you to follow the patterns of the recent game results. This representation of recent game results may help you predict the results for any future rounds.

FAQ about Fan Tan

Fan Tan Live is an Asian game powered by Evolution, revolving around the separation of beams on the table, with bets placed on the number of remaining beads that are placed in the centre of the table.

The optimal Return to Player percentage is 98.75%, but the theoretical goes from 96.25% to 98.75%.

Any device would do, really. Regardless of whether you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can play the game in both a portrait and a landscape mode.

There’s no strategy you could use, but the developer has ensured you have the result history in the Statistics section, where you get detailed game statistics and scoreboards to allow you to predict the results for future rounds.

Evolution’s Fan Tan went live on the 15th of September, 2021.