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While not as prevalent as blackjack or roulette, poker remains one of the most popular choices for live dealer games. Over the years, we have seen many types of live poker appear on the market. Today, Ezugi brings us a not-yet-covered variant of live poker called Russian Poker.

Despite being a land-based favorite, Russian Poker took its time being adapted to the live casino. How does Ezugi handle all the extra mechanics this game brings to the table? Is it worth checking out?

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How to Play Russian Poker

Russian Poker has its share of unique mechanics players can use. However, the core gameplay loop is similar to other poker games. Unlike traditional Casino Hold’em, both player and dealer get five cards. The goal is to land the best possible poker hand with the five cards you receive.

During gameplay, the dealer only qualifies if they draw an Ace/King or higher. Players also have access to an insurance bet, which pays 1:1 if you land it.

Game Features

If you love strategizing and risk-taking, you will love Russian Poker. The game allows players to change up to five cards in a single round. This feature is killer when you are trying to form the best possible poker hand. That said, there is a factor of risk to consider as well. Just because you are one card off a flush does not guarantee that swapping the card will land a win.

You can give yourself even more of an advantage by buying a card for the dealer. This can shake up the host’s existing hand.

Video Performance

Ezugi streams Russian Poker from their live studios. It comes with a gorgeous white, black, and gold background that will instantly stick in your memory. Video quality is excellent, allowing you to follow what is happening on the screen without any issues.

Our Thoughts on Russian Poker

We love poker, but the traditional Casino Hold’em formula does get boring after a while. If you feel the same way, Russian Poker is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Ezugi does a great job of capturing all the unique features that make this release so popular in land-based venues. This title offers exciting gameplay that is familiar yet fundamentally different to other poker games. It is definitely worth your time!