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Many of us have heard of Texas Hold’em Poker, even if we have never played it. You will occasionally see poker tournaments on TV competing for massive prize pools. While many players are curious, they get intimidated by concepts like bluffing while still learning the game.

Vivo Gaming’s Casino Hold’em solves this problem by removing bluffing entirely! You play against a dealer who always plays the same way. This release is more approachable to new players while retaining the Casino Hold’em charm!

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How to Play Casino Hold’em

The developer designed its Casino Hold’em game following the one-to-many design. All players receive the same cards but choose to play them differently. You play the game with just one deck. However, Vivo Gaming uses an auto shuffler to swap between decks every round, blocking card-counting attempts.

You start the round with an Ante bet. The host draws two cards for the player and dealer and three community cards immediately. You can then decide if you want to keep playing or fold for that round. If you keep playing, the host draws two additional community cards. They then reveal their hand and compare it with yours. The stronger hand wins the round!

CAsino Hold’em by Vivo Gaming is mobile friendly

Game Features

Casino Hold’em has only one side bet. The AA wager forms a five-card poker hand using your two cards and the first three community cards. You need to land a pair of aces or better to qualify for this side bet. The better the poker hand is, the higher your payout will be. The best possible reward gets granted by the Royal Flush, paying 100:1.

Unlike many other side bets, the AA bet does not rely on the main bet’s success. You could lose the primary wager and still win the AA side bet.

We can also use the live chat function to communicate with the host. We can also use it to talk with other players, as they can read all live chat messages and send their own!

Video Performance

Vivo Gaming broadcasts Casino Hold’em from a dedicated studio. That ensures excellent video quality and zero interruptions to the broadcast as you play. The user interface looks good and works wonderfully on desktop and mobile devices. Casino Hold’em can switch between landscape and portrait mode on phones and tablets, allowing you to play the way you prefer.

Our Thoughts on Casino Hold’em

Fans of live casino poker games will no doubt be thrilled with Casino Hold’em. This is the game to pick if you want the thrill of Texas Hold’em without facing off against other players! Vivo Gaming did a fantastic job of ensuring every moment you spend playing their game is exciting.