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Playtech has always been known to follow trends. Every now and then Playtech has come up with new and innovative games to entice the players. Keeping up with the tradition, Playtech is set to launch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. A game that follows a similar pattern to that of the TV show from the same name. Let’s see what this live casino game is all about.

Based on the popular TV show, by the same name, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is the live version of it. This live dealer game is launched by Playtech in collaboration with Sony. The concept of this live dealer game will somewhat be similar to the TV show.

However, Playtech has announced that this is not the only game that is going to be launched under this concept. It is said that there will two other games following the concept. The game is yet to be launched, however, a series of trivia quizzes were held from 11 June to 11 July as a testing period for the game.

Where to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

How to Play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

If you have watched the UK-based show, playing the game would not be difficult for you. In order to enter the game, there is nothing you need to bet. So, this would not be the typical place-a-bet-and-win sort of game.

Just like the show, players will answer questions and will be able to compete for up to 1 Million Golden Chips. Each game is supposed to have a total of 15 questions, but the kind of questions have not been disclosed yet. The prize pool of these games can be between £1,000 to £3,500.

Just like the show, each question will have four options have you will have to choose the correct option to win the round. The maximum given to answer the questions is 16 seconds only. You will be able to move to the next round only if you give the correct answer.

Game Features

If you have watched the TV show, you must know that there is a feature called lifelines. In the live version you get the lifelines too. However, instead of four here, you have only two lifelines, viz; Ask the Audience and Fifty-Fifty. The lifelines give participants the chance to obtain help and successfully answer a question so that they can move on and compete for a prize pool share.

Another feature is that the look and feel of the casino would be pretty similar to that of the TV show. The game has been designed in such a way that you would feel as if you are sitting in the TV show itself. The sound effects, as well as video quality, will also be similar to that of the TV show.


This live game is fairly simple and does not involve a lot of strategies but there would be a few things you must keep in mind while playing; in order to maximize your winnings.

The first and foremost thing would be to not be overconfident. Only play with you are familiar with the question group. If you’re in a doubt it is always a good idea to use your lifelines. Another thing to keep in mind would be to always have a game plan in mind. You must be sure of how much money you would want to lose; if the time comes. If you do not know the limits of your losses, you might end up losing whatever you have won by one wrong answer.

Lastly, always look at the bigger picture. Winning all of the rounds is not important. Make sure you know where to stop.