How Does BetGames Latest Instant Lucky 7 Differ from Lucky 7?

BetGames always stood out to players thanks to their unique games. Over the years, they produced titles you cannot find anywhere else, making them a welcome sight in any online casino. Part of that success stems from the way the software provider handles wagers. Instead of betting on a single outcome, you bet on a wide range of results.

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Instant Lucky 7 seeks to shake that foundation up and provide players with something new. It’s got its work cut out, primarily since it works with the same gameplay as Lucky 7. How will these two games stack up against each other? Find out in this article.

Lots of Bets Versus Big Wins

The main difference between these two games is evident from the moment you first boot them up. Lucky 7 is similar to Satta Matka Live. It makes up for its simple gameplay by offering a wide range of different bets. You have the option of wagering on what numbers will appear, the colour of the drawn balls, total sums, counts, and odd/even. You can also play multiple bets in one round.

Instant Lucky 7 is different. With that game, you can only play one type of bet: picking the correct numbers to be drawn. You can choose between Pick 3, Pick 5, and Pick 7, letting you control your volatility. Pick 3 is the easiest of the bunch and guarantees a payout if even one ball displays a matching number. Pick 7 is the most volatile option, but it makes it possible to land a 200,000x payout.

Instant Lucky 7 is also much faster-paced than its predecessor. Lucky 7’s many wagers take time to plan out and place, requiring three minutes between each round. Instant Lucky 7 doesn’t have that problem, meaning the downtime between games is much lower. It’ll range between 10 and 30 seconds. To adjust for that, Instant Lucky 7 lets you bet while the current round is being played.

Despite the differences, the two games have similar RTPs. Lucky 7 comes out slightly ahead, with an RTP of 95%. Instant Lucky 7’s RTP ranges between 94.05% to 94.89%, based on what wagers you play.

Is Instant Lucky 7 Better?

That depends on what you want from the game. If you’re a jackpot chaser, then Instant Lucky 7 will definitely be an upgrade. It has a top prize of 200,000x, leagues ahead of Lucky 7’s 2000x maximum reward. The title is also better for players who enjoy fast-paced titles, as you have next to no downtime between rounds.

However, there are still areas where Lucky 7 has its successor beat. Its bet variety is much better than Instant Lucky 7, as is its RTP. It also has a live dealer commenting on the results of each round, while the instant version just displays the ball machine and results.

Despite both titles having the same gameplay, how you bet on them makes a world of difference. BetGames ensures both Lucky 7 and Instant Lucky 7 can co-exist by aiming them at different types of players. Give both titles a go, and see which one suits you best. Both have’s seal of approval.

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