Live Casino Lottery-Like Games: What’s on Offer?

In an effort to woo players, live casinos constantly offer new titles. They can be variants of existing games, or something completely new. That said, one particular genre often goes underappreciated. These are the lottery-like games, whose simplicity makes them a player favourite in real world play.

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While they lack the same reach and popularity in the online space, they are still an important part of it. Thousands of players flock to these games for a reason! They are easy to pick up and play, rounds go quickly, and the excitement is through the roof! Even if you are not a fan of these titles, you will give them as much.

Those among you looking to dip their toes into this new genre are in luck! In recent years, software providers across the world have been hard at work cooking up new and exciting titles! Today, we will look at a few of our favourites. Get your tickets ready: these games will show you the thrill of a live casino lottery!

Live Keno

Keno is as close to lottery as online games have gotten in recent years. However, it was a game that lacked a live dealer options: until now! BetConstruct has been hard at work devising how to transition it into such a setting, and they have done a phenomenal job. Their version comes with several interesting features and sub-games, including some tantalising multipliers!

Players can guess the first/second balls, the sum of all drawn lottery balls, or if the balls will be odd or even. Other bets include betting on a colour, or if the drawn number will be higher or lower than what is offered. If you really enjoy risking your wager, you can also try to guess the order of balls drawn.

Mega Ball

One of the more interesting games to launch recently is Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball. This interesting title looks like a cross between a bingo and a lottery game. You buy cards and then hope to hit as many of those card numbers as possible. There are twenty-five number spaces, which are assigned randomly for each card. You can buy up to 200 cards total.

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Twenty numbers are drawn using the large ball-drawing machine. These fill in positions on your card, and highlight what numbers you need to win. When it is time to draw the twenty-first number, a computer randomly decides to boost that payout with a multiplier. The multiplier ranges from 5x to 100x, allowing you to dramatically increase your wins. Entertaining and beautiful: you cannot help but fall in love! Lucky Number Games

If you want a similar experience but without multipliers, then any of BetGames’ fantastic titles will suit you. Currently, there are three to look out for: Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7. The differences mostly boil down to the number of available balls and what bets you can make. Despite some wagers being game-specific, others are universal.

All three games offer you bets relating to the drawn number. You can bet that a certain number will or will not be drawn. You can also wager that two or three selected balls will be drawn in a single round! Less risky wagers allow you to stake money on whether more odd or even-numbered balls will appear. Finally, punters can bet on whether the sum of all numbers will be odd or even, or less than or more than 92.5.

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Lucky 5’s additional wagers primarily focus on the colour of the balls: white, green, red and blue. For Lucky 6, colour plays much less of a role. Instead, you also must consider the count and odd/even for specific lucky balls. Lucky 6 benefits from smaller numbers, making it the easiest to play. Lucky 7 plays similarly to Lucky 5, but it splits all its balls into yellow or black, which makes the primary wagers for this title.

Worth Playing?

These would be our recommendations for lottery-like live casino games. While other titles exist, we find they lack the quality, payouts or smooth gameplay of the previous three. They offer a little bit of something for everyone. No matter if you are a veteran punter or someone brand new to the world of Live Dealers. The best way to see if they are something you like is to give them a try!