Lowdown on CreedRoomz’s Live Casino Portfolio

We’re always happy to see a new software provider push through obscurity and catch the eye of players. More competition is always good, preventing our hobby from becoming too stuck in its ways. CreedRoomz delivers innovation in spades, offering new ways to play our favourite games.

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If you’ve never come across this developer before, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Not to worry, as the livecasino24.com team is here to answer all your questions. In this article, we look into its games and the new features they offer to help you find your new favourites.

CreedRoomz Game Shows

Game shows have become an integral part of the live casino experience. From existing games with multipliers bolted on to totally new titles with numerous bonus features, game shows have it all. They’ve become a must-have for many casino-goers. Naturally, CreedRoomz goes out of its way to provide multiple game shows to its players to broaden its appeal.

At the time of our review, the software provider only has roulette games in its game show category. However, each one provides something unique to make it worth your time. Double Chance Roulette lives up to its name and makes you twice as likely to score a win. Express Roulette uses two automatic roulette wheels, ensuring each round progresses faster. It also has increased payouts. Last up is Richie Roulette, where Straight Up bets can improve their cash rewards using random multipliers.

CreedRoomz Core Games

While game shows are great, they’re just part of a software provider’s portfolio. That is why CreedRoomz also put plenty of effort into its core games. This primarily includes basic titles like Blackjack and Auto Roulette. However, a few thrilling variants in this section will entice players to try something new.

Perhaps our favourite CreedRoomz title is Free Bet Blackjack. It allows you to split or double down once per dealt hand for free. If you win, you get the reward for your original bet and Free Bet wager. If the hand loses, you only have to eat the cost of your initial stake.

Another remarkable variant is Cash Out Blackjack. The game allows players to win back a portion of their initial wager with every choice, letting you pull back on bad hands. CreedRoomz also added many unique side bets, adding an extra layer of excitement.

CreedRoomz Asian Games

We saved the best for last. The developer put most of its effort into its Asian games, ensuring everyone can find something fun to play. Baccarat fans will be especially pleased. CreedRoomz offers regular, No Commission, Speed, and Super 6 Baccarat.

If regular baccarat isn’t cutting it for you, you can try your hand at Dragon Tiger instead. It’s more straightforward due to only using two cards. Because of that, it’s the go-to game for many players when they’re in a rush and want to squeeze a few rounds in.

Those bold enough to leave cards behind can enjoy the entertaining world of Sic Bo. The goal is to predict the results of three dice being rolled. With so many possible outcomes, the wealth of betting options allows the game to appeal to casual audiences and jackpot chasers.

Last but certainly not least is CreedRoomz’s Andar Bahar. It uses a single 52-card deck, with cards being dealt to Andar and Bahar positions. Your goal is to predict where the Joker Card will appear. Unique to the software provider is the Joker Suit side bet, granting a cash prize if you correctly guess the Joker card’s symbol.

What Comes Next?

CreedRoomz isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. They’re far more comfortable sticking to games we know and love and adding fun new twists. That includes changing the rules or introducing a robot croupier to allow its games to run 24/7.

The company’s current strategy has earned it a loyal audience and left it well-positioned to expand. We don’t know what’s next in store for CreedRoomz, but we will be watching with bated breath.

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