Lowdown on Different Game Features in Playtech Baccarat Games

Playtech’s status as one of the industry’s largest software providers means it has many different games. Their extensive game library also covers live baccarat, featuring numerous exciting releases over the years. Every new title adds to the available variety by introducing new features to the mix.

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We go over the many different features we see in Playtech baccarat games. We will review the features we see in all tables and then list the individual additions.

Playtech Baccarat Common Features

All Playtech baccarat games follow standard baccarat rules. The host draws two cards for the player and the banker positions and a third card for one or both if necessary.

We can bet on the player or banker winning or for the round to end in a tie. Players win the round by landing a nine, or as close to a nine as possible. If neither side draws a nine, the number closest to it wins the round instead.

Additionally, all Playtech baccarat games feature the same side bets. These include the four pair wagers and the big/small stakes. Either pair grants a prize if a pair appears anywhere. Player and banker pairs pay if the pair appears in the corresponding hand. Finally, perfect pair requires either hand to have pairs with matching suits.

Big pays if the round ends with five or six drawn cards. Meanwhile, small grants a reward if the round finishes with only four cards drawn.

Finally, all baccarat games have one or more scorecards that display the results of previous rounds. Casino members can use one or more of these scorecards to try and find patterns in the results to exploit potentially.

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Playtech Baccarat Exclusive Features

Some baccarat tables limit the number of available seats to seven. This replicates the experience of playing baccarat in a real-world casino. It can be more immersive than baccarat tables with an unlimited number of players. However, seven-seat baccarat often has an issue where we must wait for an open seat to appear.

No Commission Baccarat does away with the standard 5% commission fee for banker wins. Instead of scoring 0.95:1 every win, players get a 1:1 reward instead. The game makes up for this by decreasing how banker bets pay if the winning number is six. Instead of winning a 1:1 prize, you receive a 0.5:1 payout.

Another fun Playtech baccarat feature is the squeeze option when dealing. Players can replicate the real-world ritual of squeezing the cards before they get revealed on the table. The dealer is the one squeezing the cards in this version of baccarat.

Finally, some baccarat games have the Egalite Extra side bet. This wager allows players to predict a specific Tie with an equal score will occur during the round. You can wager on Egalite Extra bets without betting on the primary wager. Players can stake on one or more tie outcomes. The biggest possible reward is 220:1 for a 2-2 tie.

Final Thoughts

Playtech has many exciting details it adds to its baccarat games. Some are available in all of their releases, while others are exclusive to specific games. They make these baccarat tables more interesting than the competition. That is why the livecasino24.com team warmly recommends all Playtech baccarat tables!