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Online casinos are booming and especially when it comes to live casino games. These are more popular than ever before.

More and more live casino game providers are capitalizing on this by bringing new live casino games to the market every time. This time it is Pragmatic Play that presents a new live roulette variant: PowerUP Roulette.

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How to Play PowerUP Roulette

Time needed: 5 minutes

PowerUP Roulette is a unique live roulette game from Pragmatic Play. Read below how to play the game.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose PowerUp Roulette

    Go to an online casino that offers Pragmatic Play live casino games. Go to the live casino of this online casino. Once you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to the live studio of Pragmatic Play. Here a live dealer will present the game.

    PowerUp Roulette HT1 lc24

  2. The Live Studio

    Pragmatic Play made a beautiful roulette studio. They used bright colours and the live dealers wear classy outfits. In the front, you see the roulette boiler and in the back, you see a huge screen that’s used for the PowerUp Bonus Game.

    PowerUp Roulette HT2 lc24

  3. Place Your Bets

    At the bottom of your screen, you can pick the value of your betting chip. The game’s objective is to guess in which number the roulette ball will end. You can place a bet on numerous options, but to get nominated for the bonus game, a straight-up bet is needed.

    PowerUp Roulette HT5 lc24

  4. The ball spins and Power Numbers are revealed

    The live dealer spins the ball and all bets are closed. In every game, three to five Power Numbers are randomly selected. If the ball ends in one of these Power Numbers, the Bonus game is activated.

    PowerUp Roulette HT3 lc24

  5. The Power Up Bonus Game

    In the Power Up Bonus Game, all 37 numbers are assigned a multiplier. These multipliers can vary from 25x up to a dazzling 2000x. You don’t need a bet to enter the bonus game, but in the bonus game, you need a straight-up bet to be able to win a big multiplier.

    PowerUp Roulette HT4 lc24

PowerUP Roulette is a highly anticipated live casino gameshow, equipped with up to five PowerUP bonus rounds and additional chances to win! At its base, it’s just a live roulette game. It’s the special bonus rounds that make this variant so fun and special.

The game has all the basics of a normal roulette game, but in the PowerUP bonus rounds you can power it up until 500x multipliers. If the ball ends in another Power Number in the PowerUp round, the Multipliers increase. The maximum Multiplier can become 2000x.

In the normal roulette round, you place your bets. The PoerUp Numbers are selected and when a ball ends in this number the PowerUpbonus round starts. Even if you didn’t play the PowerUp Number, you are still in the PowerUp Bonus game, as long as you placed a straight-up bet in the regular round. All the straight-up bets play in the PowerUp Bonus Round.

In the Bonus Round again PowerUp Numbers are revealed. The multipliers are revealed and the live dealer spins the ball for the bonus round. If the ball ends again in a PoerUp Number, all the multipliers increase. If you placed a straight-up bet on the number where the ball ends, your bet will be multiplied by the multiplier of that number.

PowerUp Roulette is all about the PowerUp Bonus Rounds

Pragmatic Play is known for its good games

Pragmatic Play is not exactly a newcomer when it comes to creating live casino games. Many online casinos already have a partnership with this major provider.

As far as specialty games are concerned, pragmatic Play is also a fairly game-defining player in the market. With top games like Mega Wheel, Boom City, and the spectacular Sweet Bonanza Candyland, they know how to entertain many players every day.

With so many online casinos already working together with Pragmatic Play, the new games will soon be available worldwide.


PowerUP Roulette by Pragmatic Play will be released to operators at the beginning of October 2022.

There will be a possible 5 bonus rounds available in PowerUP Roulette.

The biggest multiplier will be 500x in the first Bonus Round but can increase to 2000x.

Pragmatic Play has a state-of-the-art studio for PowerUP Roulette in Bucharest, Romania.

The RTP is 97,19%.