NetEnt Live Roulette Max: Bets, Odds & Payouts

NetEnt may not have been the first to the live casino market, but they are confident they can be the best. We have seen their talented team work hard at bringing new ideas to life. They changed the many of us play our favourite games. This time around, they are entering the Auto Roulette space for something no other software provider has made. Four simultaneously spinning wheels, and wins up to 5000x!

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Despite rumours of a looming Evolution acquisition of NetEnt, the team has not slowed down in the slightest. A game as ambitious as this was likely in the making for a while. Now, the team are finally ready to launch it and give tens of thousands of punters an incredible experience. Read on for an in-depth look of what exactly NetEnt Live have cooked up for us!

What’s New in Roulette Max?

This is an auto roulette releases, with not one but four wheels! All four are played at the same time, and all of them work together to create big wins. This is in contrast to Evolution’s Instant Roulette, which has twelve simultaneously spinning auto-roulette wheels to eliminate waiting. All the action is handled using real-world roulette wheels, eliminating the need for RNG engines used by NetEnt’s competitors.

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Some of the existing wagers are changed to account for the possibility of winning them across multiple wheels. On top of that, we also get brand new bets never seen before in roulette! Combination, spread and max wagers are new, and made possible by the multiple wheel setup the developers are using. Expect a volatile experience, which will make you grind for the big wins it can offer.

How to Play Roulette Max?

The key thing to remember is that there are four wheels. There is a main wheel, which you can identify thanks to the Max logo. The three additional wheels are called X wheels. You place bets in the main wheel, and hope to see your chosen number in as many additional wheels as possible.

For the most part, your existing bets will play as you expect them to. Line bets can only be played on the main wheel, and offer identical payouts to other live casino roulettes. However, everything else has been adjusted to work with the new format. For example, straight number bets grant only a 28:1 reward when won on just one wheel. If won on several wheels, it will result in a bigger payout, up to 4999:1 for a four-wheel win!

Prizes for bets we are already familiar with are as follows:

Roulette Max bets & payouts

As you can see, column and colour bets only grant cash prizes if won on multiple wheels.

Max & Combination Bets

The Max bet is a new addition made possible by NetEnt Live Roulette Max’s unique setup. This wager will grant a cash prize if the same number wins on two or more wheels. You do not have to specify the exact number: you just need at least two of them to match across four wheels.

The Max bet is a type of combination bet. Combination bets are wagers where two or more wheels drawing the same number boosts its payout.

Spread Bets

The Spread bet is a wager based on the combined sum of the numbers drawn on all four wheels. Say all four wheels draw the number ten; their combined sum would be forty. Spread bets try to predict in what range of numbers this combined sum will be in.