New Vinnie Jones Card Chase is Real Dealer’s Take on Hi-Lo

Real Dealer Studios continues to take advantage of star power to charm its audience. British soccer player and actor Vinnie Jones graces our screens once more, presenting the software provider’s latest release: Card Chase. It is based on Hi-Lo, a straightforward and endlessly entertaining casino game.

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Does this title offer enough to keep players invested? Our team breaks down Vinnie Jones Card Chase to determine if it is worth your time or if another game is better for you.

How Does Vinnie Jones Card Chase Work?

The title is one of the simplest casino games available. Vinnie Jones Card Chase starts with two cards, one visible and the other facing down. Your goal is to predict whether the second card’s value will be higher or lower than the first. The Ace is the lowest-ranked card, while King has the highest value. How much you win depends on the visible card’s rank and the likelihood of the outcome.

After clicking higher or lower, the next card is revealed. If you get the prediction right, you receive an appropriate cash prize. The card moves into the first position while a new face-down card is drawn. From there, the game repeats as many times as you like.

Like all previous Real Dealer Studios titles, this one uses pre-recorded video to ensure the game looks like a live casino title. Along with making a game led by Vinnie Jones possible, using footage filmed ahead of time also removes the need for a timer. Thanks to that, you can take as long as you like to decide how to play each round. You can bet between $0.10 and $120 per spin.

Vinnie Jones Card Chase Features

Some elements set Vinnie Jones Card Chase apart from other Hi-Lo games. The first is the Skip feature allowing you to avoid playing a round. The game will move to the next card without requiring a bet. You receive one Skip every five turns, not counting Multiplier game rounds. Skips persist even if you change your total wager.

The second bonus feature is the guaranteed Multiplier game round. It triggers after 14 game rounds played at the same bet level. During the feature, a random multiplier between 2x and 200x is selected and applied to the payout. Unfortunately, if you lose the round, the multiplier does not carry over into the following round.

Is Vinnie Jones Card Chase Worth Playing?

Vinnie Jones Card Chase takes a formula that works well and puts its own spin on things. The result is an entertaining game that kept us glued to our seat for hours. Each round flows seamlessly into the next, making it very easy to get hooked.

The title benefits from its random number generator, using it to introduce unique bonus features. In a regular live casino game, skipping rounds would require you to wait while everyone else finishes. It happens instantly in Vinnie Jones Card Chase, allowing you to keep playing without delay. What multiplier you receive is also determined by RNG.

We didn’t expect this game to capture our attention so much. However, its new additions and fast pace make it easy to pick up and next to impossible to put down. Because of that, recommending Vinnie Jones Card Chase is a no-brainer. If you weren’t sure whether to play it, rest assured it has the seal of approval.

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