OnAir Entertainment Live Casino Portfolio: Full Review

OnAir Entertainment has steadily been gaining ground over the years. As the company grew, it expanded its portfolio of live dealer titles to accommodate player interests. Because of that, we can enjoy a wide range of live table games and unique releases.

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Today, we are taking a look at all the games OnAir Entertainment has ever launched. We review their good and bad sides to determine if they are worth your time.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is the bread and butter of live casino games. As such, it is no surprise that it was among the first titles OnAir Entertainment launched. The software provider’s tables include the familiar gameplay we all love alongside well-known blackjack features. Players benefit from 21+3 and Perfect Pair side bets, allowing them to win up to 100x of their original bet.

Eclipse Blackjack

If classic blackjack isn’t enough to impress you, the company also has Eclipse Blackjack. An infinite number of players can enjoy this game at any given time, saving you the hassle of finding a free seat. Additionally, the title comes with five side bets: 21+3, Buster Blackjack, Lucky Lucky, Royal Jacks, and Perfect Pairs. The extra flexibility goes a long way in making Eclipse Blackjack attractive.

Live Roulette

For a less strategy-focused release, we recommend checking out Live Roulette. The team went all out recreating the real-world roulette experience, with multiple camera angles tracking the action. You can take advantage of French and neighbour bets by using the racetrack. The game also has the option to favourite bets, allowing you to save a few combinations and play them back.

Speed Roulette

If you ever found the pace of Live Roulette too slow, Speed Roulette will be right up your alley. It retains the same rules as traditional Roulette while decreasing betting time. The shorter rounds are perfect for experienced audiences who know what they’re doing.

Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette is one of OnAir Entertainment’s more innovative live dealer titles. The game has four wheels: the primary wheel in the middle and three bonus wheels surrounding it. If several wheels draw the same number, you receive a boost to your payout. Players hunting for big wins and unique gameplay should definitely try this title out.

9 Pots of Gold StreamIcon

Fans of live slots can look forward to 9 Pots of Gold StreamIcon. The game recreates the popular video slot, from its impressive visuals to the exciting top prizes and bonus features. OnAir Entertainment also introduces new elements, such as a live host and lucky wheels that award free spins and multipliers. Players can win up to 2,000x their total stake in this release.

Lotus Speed Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular games played in Asian casinos. The developer pays homage to this with Lotus Speed Baccarat, which takes heavy inspiration from East Asian culture in its studio design. If you have played baccarat before, you will know what to expect from this title. Lotus Speed Baccarat also has all the bells and whistles you’d expect: side bets, statistics, roads, and more.

Blazing Dragon Tiger

Sometimes the simplest releases are the most fun ones. Blazing Dragon Tiger delivers on that in a major way, with straightforward and fun gameplay we cannot help but love. Your job is to guess which side will receive the highest card, with a cash prize awarded if you get it right.

Card Matchup

Last, though certainly not least, is the Card Matchup game. Your goal is to predict which side the most valuable card will appear on. Despite similarities with Blazing Dragon Tiger, the two releases are not the same. Card Matchup features several sport-themed side bets and a fun theme.

Our Thoughts About OnAir Entertainment

OnAir Entertainment showed plenty of promise even with their first live casino games. As time passed and we saw more innovative titles from them, we knew they were destined for greatness. The company is rapidly expanding and recently announced they have launched a new studio in Romania to cater to new markets.

The variety of games proves OnAir Entertainment has the potential to compete with the industry giants. We do not know what the team has planned. However, you can rest assured that livecasino24.com will keep a close eye on whatever comes next.

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