Playtech Bet on Baccarat Full Review

Playtech is back with another exciting release. This time, it is all about baccarat! Rather than make sweeping gameplay changes, the team opted for something different. Bet on Baccarat puts you in an outsider’s perspective. As always, your goal is to predict what will happen on the table. However, you receive odds instead of standard payouts. As the round progresses, those odds change.

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In many ways, this is reminiscent of sports betting. Rather than playing yourself, you are trying to predict what will happen. Wins are awarded via odds rather than fixed payouts. It makes for a unique experience, especially if you are used to standard baccarat. Is Bet on Baccarat the shakeup the game needs to become even more popular?

How to Play Bet on Baccarat

If you already know how to play baccarat, then you will not need a detailed explanation for Bet on Baccarat. This title does not change the fundamentals of baccarat as Golden Wealth Baccarat did. You place your bets, and then the dealer draws two or three cards for both player and banker positions. The side closest to nine will win the round. You will receive a payout appropriate to the wagers you bet on.

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The unique part of Bet on Baccarat comes down to what wagers you can play and how you are paid. As we already mentioned, there are no fixed payouts. Instead, each wager gives you a set of odds. You can then click the wager you want to play, and set how much you want to bet on it. You add all the stakes you want to play to the bet slip and then proceed with the round.

Bet on Baccarat Wagers

You can wager on the usual main baccarat bets. This includes player or banker wins and a tie. You can also bet on player or banker pair, either pair and the big and small side bets.

Suits and colours bets are quite simple in concept. You can place a variety of bets, the simplest of which is to have more red or more black cards. You can also wager that the number of red and black cards will be equal for that round. Finally, you can stake that all player, all banker, or all cards on the table will share a suit.

Totals pay based on the total sum of player and banker hands. You can wager whether the player or banker will have an even or odd hand. You can also wager that both player and banker hands will be odd or even at the same time. The last two bets in the Totals tab have you predicting the sum of both player and banker hands. You can try to predict if it will be more than nine, or less than ten.

The last set of bets you can play is called Egalite. This is a French word, which translates to equality. The bets reflect this. You are trying to predict what kind of tie will occur. Will it be a 0-0 tie? 3-3? 5-5? It all comes down to where your gut feeling takes you. Ties are already quite rare. As such, correctly predicting what kind of tie will happen results in big wins.

Worth Playing?

The theoretical return to player for Bet on Baccarat ranges between 96.24% and 97%. This is less than standard baccarat, which is to be expected. However, regular baccarat does not offer big wins as this Playtech release does. If you want to fool around with new wagers or want to chase big wins, Bet on Baccarat is worth considering. If you want to play it like a standard baccarat table, we would not recommend it.

A major change from regular baccarat to Playtech’s version is non-tie main bets are lost in case of a tie. In standard baccarat, losing main hand bets are returned to the player in case a tie occurs. Without this rule, playing Bet on Baccarat normally would not be an issue.

Would we recommend playing it despite its lower RTP? The game is fun but is only worth it for jackpot chasers. For the rest of the live casino crowd, we would recommend sticking to traditional baccarat.