Pragmatic Play Adds a Twist to Classic Roulette in a New Lucky 6 Roulette

Roulette has been an integral part of casinos for a very long time. From its humble origins in France, the game has spread worldwide, with its rules changing along the way. However, the most significant changes to roulette came when it moved to the live casino. With the introduction of multipliers and a chance to win big, roulette found a whole new audience.

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Lucky 6 Roulette brings the familiar multiplier roulette formula to Pragmatic Play’s shores. Will it be a smash success like other games by this developer, or is it too little, too late? Keep reading to find out.

Game Overview

The title doesn’t make any major changes to roulette gameplay. Like Lightning Roulette and its follow-ups, Pragmatic Play decided to take the game we already know and add multipliers. It’s simple but undeniably entertaining! Lucky 6 Roulette uses a single zero wheel with 36 red and black numbers.

Lucky 6 Roulette HT3
It’s all about the 6 lucky numbers

Players bet on the game by placing chips on one or more betting spots. The more numbers a single wager covers, the lower its payout is. However, it’s balanced out by being more likely to win. If you want to take advantage of the multipliers, you have to place straight-up bets covering only one number.

If your chosen number is drawn, you receive the corresponding cash prize. After payouts are awarded, the next round starts again.

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Feature Overview

There is only one bonus feature in Pragmatic Play’s release – multipliers. Six numbers are randomly selected after the betting time ends to become lucky numbers. Every multiplied number has its reward increased from 50x to 2,088x your stake, which is the highest possible payout. You can see the drawn numbers and their multipliers behind the host at all times.

To make up for the addition of such powerful multipliers, Lucky 6 Roulette decreases the standard payout of straight-up bets. Instead of the usual reward, a non-multiplied single number wager only awards 24:1. This results in a slightly better than average RTP of 97.49%, compared to an RTP of 97.30% for regular European roulette.

Final Thoughts

If you were hoping for something groundbreaking, we will have to disappoint you. Pragmatic Play decided to play it safe with Lucky 6 Roulette, sticking to what worked for other software providers. There’s no new gameplay involved here – instead, the developer lures you in with a better math model than its rivals. It has a stronger RTP than Lightning Roulette while keeping the highly volatile gameplay and rewards. Because of that, we at are happy to recommend it to our readers. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.