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What do you get when you combine European roulette, multipliers, and one of Pragmatic Play Live’s classiest-looking studios? You get Lucky 6 Roulette, a fun game that promises jaw-dropping rewards to its players. Don’t expect these payouts to come easy, though! They’re rare treats that require all the stars to align before anyone has a shot at them.

The software provider isn’t the first company to get this idea. Titles like Evolution Lightning Roulette have already perfected adding multipliers to roulette, leaving little room for iteration. Will Lucky 6 Roulette have enough going for it to stand out in a sea of familiar titles? Our review will answer that question and many others.

Here you can play Lucky 6 Roulette

How to Play Lucky 6 Roulette

Time needed: 4 minutes

The game is played in a gorgeous studio uniquely designed for this game. Dark red and cream aren’t colours we often see paired together, but they look magnificent. The fantastic visuals make playing this release even more enjoyable, as they immerse you in the high-class atmosphere this title is going for. Given how straightforward the gameplay is, the visual spectacle most certainly helps. We outline how to play Lucky 6 Roulette below.

  1. Find the game in an online casino

    The game is present in almost every live casino that offers titles made by Pragmatic Play Live. It will be listed among live dealer games, or Live Roulette Games from where you can click or tap its icon to start it.After clicking, the casino will take you to the live studio of Pragmatic Play.
    Lucky 6 Roulette ht1 lc24

  2. Plan your bets

    When you launch the title, you’ll see the betting board and the coins you can use to wager. Take some time to get familiar with the layout. Then, when you’re ready, bet on one or more numbers and strap in. You can only place wagers during the betting period.
    Lucky 6 Roulette HT2 lc24

  3. Lucky Numbers get picked

    Before the wheel starts spinning, the title selects six Lucky Numbers. Each one will appear with a multiplier, ranging from 50x to 2,088x your stake.
    Lucky 6 Roulette HT3

  4. The wheel starts rotating

    With the multipliers drawn, the host will spin the wheel and release the roulette ball. The wheel and ball move in the opposite direction and start slowing after a couple of seconds. The number on which the ball stops will be the winning number.
    Lucky 6 Roulette HT4

  5. One round ends and another begins

    If you correctly predicted where the ball would land, you receive an appropriate reward. The next round starts as soon as the payouts are awarded.
    Lucky 6 Roulette HT5

Lucky 6 Roulette is defined by its multipliers, so it’s worth explaining them in greater detail. We’ll also touch on French and neighbour bets, which offer a slightly different way to wager on roulette.

Bonus Features

Lucky 6 Roulette has six Lucky Numbers in every round. The numbers are chosen randomly, meaning there’s no way to plan for them ahead of time. Similarly, the multiplier attached to each Lucky Number is random. It can be 50x, 2,088x, or any value between those two. Because of these two factors, getting the biggest possible payout takes a lot of luck.

There are four French bets in Lucky 6 Roulette, which place bets on different sections of the wheel. However, we would not recommend playing them, as they use a mix of inside bets, not just straight-up wagers. Considering only single-number bets can benefit from multipliers, it’s not worth decreasing your chances of getting an improved payout.

Fortunately, Neighbour bets have no such issues. This wager places coins on your chosen number and two more on its left and right. You can control how many positions the neighbour wager covers using the plus and minus buttons.

Lucky 6 Roulette Results

Everything except the multipliers is determined using the roulette wheel. Meanwhile, what numbers become multiplied and by how much is set by the random number generator.  

The best possible reward in Lucky 6 Roulette is 2,088x your total wager. The game’s RTP is 97.49%, slightly ahead of regular roulette’s 97.30%.

Lucky 6 Roulette Tracker

Like with all Pragmatic Play roulette games, players can access the statistics page at any time. This page lists helpful information, such as which numbers are most likely to win. If you’re trying to give yourself an edge, checking the stats will serve you well.


Lucky 6 Roulette isn’t the first game to combine roulette and multipliers. However, that doesn’t make this title any less entertaining or lucrative. We enjoyed our time with this release, as both its gameplay and visuals exceeded our expectations. Because of that, we at the livecasino24.com team are happy to recommend it to our readers.

FAQ about Lucky 6 Roulette

Lucky 6 Roulette is a variant of European Roulette developed by Pragmatic Play Live. It adds six multipliers to every game round, allowing users to potentially win big.

The title has an RTP of 97.49%.

The minimum and maximum table limits are set to $0.10 and $5,000, respectively.

The game’s biggest jackpot is 2,088x your stake, awarded using multipliers.

Multipliers only apply to straight-up bets that cover one number.