Presenting Pragmatic Play’s New Mega Roulette & ONE Blackjack

Pragmatic Play continues to expand their market share among live casino users. While they lack a breakout hit just yet, they are hard at work creating experiences casino members enjoy. Having covered all the essential titles, the prolific software provider now turns to releases that are more exotic.

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In the last couple of days, the developer has launched two new games: Mega Roulette and ONE blackjack. Join us for a closer look at these titles as well as what you can expect from them.

Mega Roulette Launch

As part of Pragmatic Play’s push into Asian and Latin American markets, the developer arranged a special treat. Namely, they launched Mega Roulette with select LatAm operators before the game’s official launch on February 24. It was a great way to show appreciation for new and existing partners in the region. No doubt further cementing Pragmatic Play’s dedication to this region.

Mega Roulette uses a standard European roulette ruleset. At first glance, you may not see the difference. The wheel consists of thirty-six numbers plus a single zero. The wagers are identical, as are rewards. Well, for the most part. See, unique to this release is the addition of multipliers to straight number wins at random times.

You do not receive multiplier boosts for any other win expect for direct number wagers. As such, the rewards you receive from all other bets is unchanged. The cash prize for winning a straight number bet without any multipliers is now 29:1. This decrease is what allows Mega Roulette to maintain the same 97.3% RTP that European roulette already has.

Does the idea feel familiar? It should. Both Playtech and Evolution launched their own versions of roulette with multipliers. staff warmly received both Playtech’s Quantum Roulette and Evolution’s Lightning Roulette when they first launched. We are happy for more competition, but we hoped Pragmatic Play would bring something new to the mix.

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ONE Blackjack hits the market

The internet was buzzing with the announcement of Mega Roulette. So much so that you may have missed the fact Pragmatic Play was launching another game! ONE Blackjack launches on March 3, and has seen very little coverage in comparison. Somewhat unfair at first glance, but we can understand why after trying it out.

Players hoping for big changes in ONE Blackjack will be disappointed. The game offers nothing new in terms of core gameplay structure. You play against a dealer and draw cards, hoping to get twenty-one or as close to it as possible. Dealers must stand on all seventeens, and blackjack pays 3:2. A limitless number of players can play at the same time from the single-seat available in ONE Blackjack.

What helps this game stand out are the addition of new side bets. Additionally, the possibility of playing at 4K video quality will draw in casino members looking for a spectacle. There are four side bets, two of which are immediately familiar: 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. New to ONE Blackjack is Crazy 7 and Bust Bonus. Crazy 7 pays if your first three cards are all sevens, while Bust Bonus pays if you get the dealer to bust. Thanks to side bets, you can win up to 2000x your stake every round.

A small but important addition is also the Six Card Charlie bonus. Because of it, the player will win the round if he draws six cards without busting. A difficult feat, but an impressive one nonetheless!

What Comes Next?

Both games are useful in filling out holes in Pragmatic Play’s live casino library. We can recognize the need to do so, especially with how aggressively the software provider is expanding to new markets. At the same time, we really hope to see something new from Pragmatic Play. Neither of their recent releases offered something unique to them.

Honestly, we think that is exactly what this developer needs. An experience you cannot get anywhere else goes a long way in attracting attention to you. If the software provider can do that, we have no doubts they will be successful in the end.