Real Dealer Studios Game Portfolio Full Review

Over the years, Real Dealer Studios has grown from a niche developer to a beloved software provider. It won over the hearts of many with its unique approach to casino games. The company’s unique blend of RNG-powered gameplay and pre-recorded clips allow it to deliver a live dealer-like experience. At the same time, players can take advantage of the single-player nature of their titles and play each round without rushing.

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This article explores Real Dealer Studios’ many exciting games. We go over all their available titles and what they have to offer. Keep reading, and you might just find your new favourite game.

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette

Few things can spice up a good round of roulette. However, hearing world-famous tough guy Vinnie Jones share fun stories during each spin is too good to pass up. While his co-host spins the wheel, Vinnie talks about his career in football, acting, and life in general.

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette uses a European Roulette wheel with a single zero. Furthermore, the game does not change its rules in any way. You still get the familiar roulette gameplay and payouts, including racetrack and special bets. Thanks to that, both newcomers and experienced players can enjoy this title and Vinnie’s commentary.

Real Dealer Studios also offers Vinnie Jones Blackjack and Vinnie Jones Roulette. In these two titles, the footballer-turned-movie star acts as your VIP dealer rather than sharing fun stories. The games offer an excellent experience, though Stories Roulette beat them both.

Fortune Finder with Holly

If regular roulette isn’t what you’re after, why not try your luck at a show game? Fortune Finder with Holly lets you enjoy a top-notch money-wheel game inspired by Evolution’s Dream Catcher. The game keeps things sweet and simple. You can bet on four numbers: 1, 2, 5, and 10. Correctly predict what number will be drawn, and you will receive its corresponding cash prize.

The developer spices up the gameplay with the inclusion of two multiplier segments. If a wheel lands on a multiplier, it increases all payouts and spins the wheel again. One segment comes with a 2x, while the other offers a 7x multiplier. Additionally, hitting repeat multipliers adds the prize increases together to form a mouthwatering payout.

Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia

Real Dealer Studios also has several blackjack games you can choose between. Out of them all, Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia was the one that impressed us the most. Along with a world-class host, players can enjoy a standard round of blackjack. If you want to practice your blackjack strategy, this is the perfect game to do so!

For experienced audiences, the software provider has several side bets ready to go. You can take advantage of 21+3 and 6 Card Charlie stakes. The latter is a rare find among live casino blackjack games, which makes Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia even more exciting.

Turbo Multifire Roulette

If you love chasing multipliers in roulette, the developer has you covered. Turbo Multifre Roulette allows players to boost their payouts, allowing them to win up to 500x every round. Beyond the multipliers, the game plays exactly like any other European Roulette. 

Up to five numbers are marked with multipliers every round. These multipliers only apply on straight-up bets, forcing you to place single-number wagers if you wish to win big. You can still bet on various racetrack and special stakes, though these are not as useful as in regular roulette.

Do We Recommend Real Dealer Studios?

If you’re looking for something different from your usual live dealer games, then Real Dealer Studios should be on your radar. Pre-recorded footage and RNG gameplay allow these games unique advantages that live dealer titles do not have.

You can pause whenever you want, which is helpful if you’re learning a new strategy or just need a break. Additionally, everything being recorded beforehand allows the developer to offer celebrity dealers. If what you have read seems attractive, we urge you to try this software provider. Its game library is already great and will only improve with time. We at cannot wait to see what the future holds for Real Dealer Studios.

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