Tips & Tricks How to Cash and Not Crash in New Evolution Game Show

The world of online casinos continues to innovate with new games and features. It seems like there is always a big announcement around the corner. A new live casino release to sink our teeth into, or a fun new concept that will charm players. Evolution has done a great deal of innovating already, but they show no signs of stopping. As demonstrated by their latest title called Cash or Crash Live.

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Unlike many of their more recent game shows, Evolution has gone for a simpler gameplay loop. The way it works is simple, meaning anyone can jump in and start playing. However, that simplicity does not stop Cash or Crash Live from being lucrative and having several valid strategies. Today, we will look into a few tips and tricks on how to make it out with the best rewards.

Cash or Crash Live

In many ways, the gameplay loop of Cash or Crash Live reminds us of another Evolution game show. The gameplay of Mega Ball is similar to some degree since it also relies on a machine drawing balls. However, this release is even simpler to play. After placing a bet, the machine can draw one of three balls.

Green balls allow you to proceed to the next round by making one of three choices. Golden balls give you a shield against the red ball and increase all payouts. Finally, drawing a red ball ends the round unless you previously had a golden ball appear. None of these three balls grants any cash prizes on their own, however.

All wins are laid out in a twenty-step ladder. Each step has an associated cash prize, with the best paying steps being at the top of the ladder. Each time you draw a green ball, you are given one of three choices. You can take all the money, which ends the round. You can bank half of your winnings and keep playing with the other half. Finally, you can continue with the full amount you have won to win big later.

The top prize you can win is 18,000x without the golden ball appearing. If the golden ball does appear, the top prize is bolstered up to 50,000x your total stake! As such, players hunting for big wins can expect a highly volatile experience. It also comes with an impressive RTP of 99.59%, making it the highest returning Evolution game show to date.

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How Far Do You Climb?

Cash or Crash Live is very simple to play. This is also reflected in the strategies you can use to play the game. As we already mentioned, players can make three choices after every ball is drawn. They can continue playing with their full cash prize, just take half and continue or take their prize and stop. What strategy you use will depend on what you plan to accomplish playing this game.

The simplest choice is also the most boring one. It requires you to quit while you are ahead. The upside of this strategy is obvious. You will leave the round with more money than you came in. However, your profits will not be great. This strategy is great for players who just want to make their session last as long as possible. However, if you want to win big, you will need to take more risks.

How high of a risk you are willing to take from that point on depends on you. Some players will choose to take half and continue with the other half. Others will go all in hoping to achieve the biggest possible prize. Personally, we would advise the more cautious approach. A few small wins are better than chasing one big win you cannot land.

Summing Up

Cash or Crash Live’s simplicity is what allows it to appeal to a very wide audience of players. However, the decisions you make during each round makes it an exciting release to play. It might not be the most popular release Evolution ever designed. However, it has more than earned the right to call itself a favourite. Employ one of our strategies and pray Lady Luck will help you climb that ladder!