Vegas Ball Bonanza From Pragmatic Play vs Monopoly Big Baller Evolution

The growing rivalry between Pragmatic Play and Evolution has borne great fruit for players. The two live dealer giants are constantly producing top-notch titles, which can occasionally overlap in themes or gameplay. Vegas Ball Bonanza and Monopoly Big Baller are two such examples, with both titles offering bingo-inspired fun.

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They are similar at first glance, but there are some key differences that make these games distinct. This article will compare the two releases to determine which suits your needs better.

Vegas Ball Bonanza

Vegas Ball Bonanza is a thrilling live dealer game made by Pragmatic Play Live’s talented team. It has a colourful, eye-catching studio that evokes the feeling of an exciting Vegas adventure. The gameplay loop revolves around the bingo machine, which draws winning numbers every round. If the numbers align with those on the bingo ticket you purchased, you take home a cash prize.

At the end of each round, the game draws three bonus balls. They have a chance to help you score a spin on the Multiplier Wheel, which can grant an impressive 1,000x win. It’s not the only bonus feature, but it is the most lucrative one.

With superb visuals and straightforward gameplay, anyone can try their luck with Vegas Ball Bonanza. Odds are, they’ll have a blast playing it, too.

Monopoly Big Baller

After the success of Monopoly Live, Evolution wisely decided not to mess with the formula too much. The game is set on a 1920’s style boat sailing down a river. It’s a great aesthetic and one no other live dealer title has tried yet. That alone would help set Monopoly Big Baller apart from its competition. However, Evolution did not stop there.

The game uses a bingo machine to draw balls, which display winning numbers for that round. You can bet on up to four bingo cards, giving you a higher chance of winning if you wager more. Additionally, you can bet on the two bonus cards, making you eligible for the game’s 3 Roll and 5 Roll features.

Every round has a chance to add multipliers to the regular bingo cards. These multipliers are applied to any prize that card can award, boosting its payout. Meanwhile, the 3 Roll and 5 Roll bonuses let you play on a virtual Monopoly board, collecting bonus prizes as you move.

Which One Should You Play?

If you absolutely must pick one, we would go with Monopoly Big Baller. Evolution has taken an already fantastic game and improved it in every way. The superb visuals, fun gameplay, and awesome prizes all create a title the team cannot resist.

That said, Vegas Ball Bonanza is nothing to scoff at, either. The game is very entertaining, especially once the bonus features activate. Its design is a bit simpler than what Evolution is offering, though it still looks great.

Despite their similarities, both releases offer something different. As such, we suggest checking both games out. No matter which one you go for, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience.

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