What Are the Most Popular Live Dealer Games?

Live casino games come in many shapes and sizes. All of them sport friendly dealers and entertaining gameplay, but can offer vastly different experiences. With an ever-growing number of players, finding one title that suits everyone is impossible. However, punters will naturally gravitate to a few favourites. These are the most popular live casino games!

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Whether you are brand new to casino games or just looking for something new, relying in the crowd is often a good bet. Players do their best to maximise both fun and profit, which makes certain live casino games stand out. As always, the internet is hard at work determining what titles they like best. Your pals at livecasino24.com are just here to highlight which ones they are and why they are so popular!

Live Dealer Blackjack

If you give punters the right rules and enough time to math it out, they will crack your game. Which is part of why live casino blackjack remains one of the most popular table games currently available. Thanks to a mathematically backed blackjack strategy, we know the best move for every hand. It does not guarantee you will win every time, but it drastically improves your odds.

Of course, it also helps that blackjack is relatively simple to pick up. Unlike poker, it does not require you to memorise certain card combinations to win the round. You just need to keep your card total from going over 21! Then, once you have the basics down, blackjack offers you a world of options. Splitting and doubling hands, fun side bets and a super high RTP? How could you not love this title!

Best Live Casinos For Your Country

Monopoly Live

Branded games always get love from casino-goers. Even more so when they offer fantastic quality in both visuals and gameplay! This is something Evolution Gaming nails in their Monopoly Live release. The core gameplay is very simple to understand. You try to predict what number will come up next on the lucky wheel, and you bet on it. Punters also have access to several bonuses, which just spice things up even further.

For us, what really sets this game apart is the Monopoly board you get to play on after activating a special feature. It does a great job of recreating the feel of the actual board game while serving up snazzy visuals. Best of all, the cash prizes are excellent, especially if you get lucky with the other bonuses. If you like simple and lucrative, you cannot go wrong with Monopoly Live.

Live European Roulette

Roulette is a timeless classic. Almost every online casino we have ever played in had it, and it is a mainstay in brick-and-mortar establishments. The European version of roulette, with a single zero and a low house edge was quick to surge in popularity. The elegant but easy to understand gameplay appeals to many players. Including us!

It is worth noting that French Roulette is also very popular among punters, but is not widespread in online casinos. The game introduces some rules that benefit players, and bring the house edge down even more. If a table you want to play on has La Partage or En Prison rules, we thoroughly recommend trying it.

Mega Ball

Every so often, we get something completely new that blows everyone’s socks off. For a great deal of players, Mega Ball has succeeded in doing this. It offers an interesting blend of lotteries and bingo games, which is something we have not seen before. Players buy cards, which have a random set of numbers on them. The more numbers on the card match numbers drawn by the balls, the better your prize is!

You can also benefit from a sizeable multiplier increase from the final Mega Ball round. Many winning lines plus a big multiplier? That is a recipe for success if we ever heard of one.

Live Casino Hold’em

Poker is the game of choice for many live casino players. It is a simplified version that removes bluffs in favour of fixed payouts and set rules for the dealer. As you can imagine, this appeals to a great deal of punters who may not want to deal with extra complications. Live Casino Hold’em is the most popular live dealer poker game available. However, other interesting choices exist, if you are willing to spend some time hunting them down.