What Makes Live Casino Game Shows so Popular?

You come home from work, tired after a long day. You do not feel like doing anything just yet, so you turn on the TV, catching a game show. Leaning back in your chair, you watch the action unfold, following along and maybe even coming up with your own answers. How great would it be if we could play along from home, and earn money while doing so?

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In 2017, Evolution Gaming revolutionised the live casino industry with the launch of Dream Catcher. A bright, multi-coloured wheel that the dealer spun. Your goal is to bet where you think the wheel will stop. If that sounds suspiciously similar to Wheel of Fortune, well, it is.

Over the following years, developers would launch all sorts of exciting games and projects. Some borrow from existing game shows, while others offer something brand new to their players! Through it all, one thing became clear. A new super-popular genre of live casino games was born!

No Strategy Required

Have you ever looked at a new game and wanted to try it out? If so, you are probably familiar with the feeling of seeing a long, detailed strategy article and deciding to leave it for another day. This is the biggest barrier some awesome live casino games like poker and blackjack face. Most punters simply do not want to spend hours mastering a strategy so they can perform optimally.

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Some software providers get around this by literally implementing the basic strategy into the game.NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack is the best example of this. You only place the wagers, and then the dealer plays your hands following the optimal strategy. It works, but some of the charms of playing blackjack are lost in translation.

Game show releases do not suffer from this, because they are designed from the ground up to be simple. You do not need to memorise a chart to know when to play what in Dream Catcher. Smaller numbers pay less but appear more often. Bigger numbers offer better prizes, but are riskier to play! It is an intuitive design, and one that makes live casino game shows great for casual audiences.

Changing Existing Games

Of course, not all game shows are entirely original. They can integrate into existing casino games quite nicely! You can see this best in another popular Evolution Gaming release, called Lightning Roulette.

The round proceeds as usual for the most part. You choose between outside and inside bets, and wager according to your budget. The magic appears after all bets are placed. Several random numbers will be selected to have their payouts increased! This increase depends on the multiplier, which can range from 50x to 500x.

You get a two-fold positive effect. First, the game show format benefits from an established game with existing fans. Second, those fans get a brand new experience based on their favourite title! Thanks to the multipliers, the strategy you use to play Lightning Roulette can be completely different from standard roulette.

Innovative Gameplay

At livecasino24.com, we always enjoyed game shows. However, we thought they would be a fun novelty. Something players enjoyed from time to time, but would eventually abandon in favour of existing games. It would not be until Monopoly Live came along that we would realise just how fantastic game shows could be!

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To begin with, the game plays similarly to Dream Catcher. Once you activate the bonus round, it takes you to a real board game. Dice throws determine how far Mr Monopoly moves, and what bonuses you receive as a result. This is not just a throwaway special feature that appears for a few seconds, either. Instead, we get a proper bonus that lasts minutes at a time!

For us, this was the moment we started considering game shows proper competitors to existing titles. While the genre is still at its infancy, it has incredible potential to grow. We can see as much in the upcoming Evolution Gaming Crazy Time release, with its many bonuses.

Closing Thoughts

While we recommend everyone to try these games, it is okay if you do not enjoy them. The way they play can feel odd to veterans of live casino games, especially if you are used to having more control. Even if you do not like them, do not write the genre off just yet. With so many new games coming out, we have no doubt one of them will be to your tastes!