Will The New Funky Time Live Game Show Outshine Crazy Time?

Evolution has been at the forefront of live casino innovation for many years. The team pioneered many new games, such as live dealer tables with multipliers and game shows. Having built a brand on delivering fun and unique experiences, Evolution is working hard to create the next must-play game.

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The company’s certainly hit that mark with its latest title, called Funky Time Live. Both its name and mechanics call back to Crazy Time, a runaway success for Evolution. Can Funky Time Live outclass its predecessor? Read on to find out.

What is Funky Time Live?

Evolution described Funky Time Live as the fourth generation of live game shows. The upgrade is immediately noticeable, with a larger money wheel and more wagering options. Funky Time Live offers 17 bet spots to Crazy Time’s eight, making it more complex and rewarding.

Its wheel consists of 64 sections. Twelve segments are reserved for triggering bonuses, while the remaining 52 are used to grant payouts. The basic 1:1 payout gets 28 wheel sections, while the other twelve wagers are split between 24 segments. Each of the twelve bets corresponds to a different letter, all granting a 25:1 cash prize when won. The letters spell out PLAY, FUNK, and TIME, with each word appearing twice on the wheel.

How to Play Funky Time Live?

Every round starts with a brief betting period. Select a coin that suits your budget, and place it in every position you wish to play. The UI also offers to bet on all letters and all bonuses, which is quite convenient.

After betting time ends, the host spins the money wheel, which eventually stops on one of the segments. Depending on where the flipper lands, you get a cash prize or trigger a bonus feature. You only receive the rewards for wagers you bet on. If the Stayin’ Alive bonus feature activates, only players who placed a bet on it ahead of time can participate.

Funky Time Live Bonus Features

The game has four exciting bonus features: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

Bar requires players to pick one of three empty glasses. Next, a robot bartender pours drinks, assigning random multipliers to each glass. The game then spins a single reel slot, which reveals another multiplier! The multiplier is randomly assigned to one of three glasses, multiplying their existing multiplier.

Stayin’ Alive uses a ball-drawing machine with 90 balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder. Before the bonus starts, players pick one of three teams: green, pink, or orange. During the Stayin’ Alive feature, the machine can draw stop, 1-step, or 2-step balls. Stop balls make players lose one of their four lives. Meanwhile, 1-step and 2-step balls move players up the multiplier ladder by one or two steps if the drawn ball’s colour matches their team.

Disco takes place on a 37-square virtual dance floor, with Mr Funky dancing at the centre. The host spins a mini-wheel that can show four directions: up, down, left, and right. Mr Funky moves in the direction the wheel picks, collecting regular and floor multipliers. The bonus ends when Mr Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor.

VIP Disco offers identical gameplay but instead plays out on a larger 63-square grid. As such, players can collect more multipliers and keep the feature lasting longer.

How Does it Stack Up to Crazy Time?

The jump in complexity over the original Crazy Time is immediately apparent. Funky Time Live has more wagers, requiring you to spread your bets to cover as many as possible. This approach opens more strategies to players. Do you only go for the equal money bet and bonus features? Will you wager on random letters or target a wheel section by wagering on the words they spell out? Evolution lets you decide.

If you enjoyed Crazy Time, you will adore what Funky Time Live offers. That said, both live casino games are distinct enough that you do not have to pick one or the other.

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