Winfinity Announces New Cabaret Roulette Live Game Show

Winfinity has steadily been growing its audience over the years. The team is best known for its fantastic live table games, providing a premium blackjack, roulette, and baccarat experience. We always felt the team had more potential than that, and it seems they agreed. The company is prepared to take the next step, announcing its first-ever game show: Cabaret Roulette Live.

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In this article, we’ll share all the details we already know about Winfinity’s latest title. Will they succeed in making our hearts race? Find out in this sneak preview of Cabaret Roulette.

How It Works

If you’re a fan of live roulette, the basics of this game will be very familiar. There’s a regular single-zero roulette wheel and all the wagers you’re used to. You bet by placing coins on different numbers and positions. The new additions to this release are all about multipliers, expanding on the popular concept kickstarted by Lightning Roulette.

Correctly predicting the winning number nets you the corresponding cash prize. However, if the ball lands on a number you didn’t choose, you lose the round. After payouts are awarded, the whole thing starts again.

Cabaret Roulette Live Bonus Features

Up to five lucky numbers are selected after players finish betting. Each number receives a different multiplier up to 1,000x, giving you a small chance of scoring a boosted payout.

These multipliers can be enhanced by one of three charming bonuses. Which one you get is determined by the Slot Magic feature. The host spins a slot machine, which can reveal stars, hearts, or 2x multipliers.

Hearts will activate additional straight-up multipliers, allowing players to win up to 2,000x.

Stars can trigger up to 23 multipliers for any position on the betting grid. It’s the most lucrative of the three, potentially resulting in a 9,951x jackpot.

Last up are the 2x multipliers, which double the cash prizes of randomly chosen straight-up numbers. Potential rewards can be boosted up to 2,000x.

A Natural Evolution

While the game is brand new, you can see how Winfinity built up to it. The wheel, user interface and friendly hosts are all hallmarks of the software provider’s existing live roulette. The team used this as a baseline for Cabaret Roulette, adding new elements like multipliers or a gorgeous new studio. The large heart in the backdrop and hosts dressed as cabaret dancers help immerse you in this title’s fun, upbeat atmosphere.

The release makes us wonder if we’ll be seeing exciting variants of Winfinity’s blackjack and baccarat tables soon. The developer is no stranger to adding new things, as evidenced by the unique Last Chance side bet on their live blackjack tables. Perhaps this time next year, we’ll be talking about blackjack with multipliers. Only time will tell.

Our Thoughts on Cabaret Roulette Live

While we don’t have the full picture yet, we cannot deny that Winfinity’s Cabaret Roulette Live looks promising. It adds a new spin to a popular concept, giving us another excuse to dive back into one of our favourites. Rest assured, everyone at will be trying it out as soon as it launches.

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