Best Evolution Football-Themed Games: Football Studio Dice & Football Studio Roulette

Live casino games and football have a surprisingly involved history. Football’s popularity makes it an excellent theme for software providers to use. Evolution is not the only software provider to use the sport as a backdrop for its titles. However, their football games are by far the most popular among players.

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What kind of magic is Evolution using to make these titles stand out? This article takes a peek at both titles to see how they work and what makes them special.

Football Studio Dice

Football Studio Dice is one of the most interesting additions in Evolution’s football-themed live games. The release uses dice shakers to grant prizes and draws heavy inspiration from Evolution’s Bac Bo game.

Football Studio Dice has three possible bets: Home, Away, and Draw. It also uses four dice shakers. The two shakers on the left form the Home score, while the remaining two on the right form the Away score. Before the round begins, you place wagers on which side you think will win the round.

After betting ends, the game starts the dice shakers. However, it does not activate all shakers at once. It runs one Home and one Away dice shaker in the first half. The other two shakers start for the second half and determine the final results. While this is a minor detail, it helps sell the football connection Evolution is going for.

Once all four shakers stop moving, the game decides the winning side. If you bet on the winner, you receive a 1:1 payout. Winning a Draw bet awards an 8x prize for almost all ties. However, a 12-12 draw pays 80x instead.

Football Studio Roulette

Football Studio Roulette combines a football atmosphere with the proven fun of European Roulette. There are no gameplay differences from standard roulette tables here. Instead, this game stands out because of its aesthetic and constant football talk.

The goal of each roulette round is to predict what number the wheel will draw. In Football Studio Roulette, there are 36 total numbers and a single green zero. You make bets by placing chips on the betting table.

Roulette has inside and outside bets. Inside bets are made by placing chips on numbered spaces on the table or the lines between them. Meanwhile, outside wagers have dedicated boxes you can set your coins on. Outside bets have lower payouts but cover more numbers, making them more likely to win. Inside bets are riskier but have better rewards to compensate.

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Football-Specific Elements

A fantastic detail each Evolution football release offers are live match updates. You can see the latest news, live scores, and upcoming matches as you play the game. Evolution lets you customise what leagues you see this information for.

Furthermore, Evolution does an excellent job of making each title feature some kind of football element. Evolution Studio Dice does this exceptionally well, as its table was purposefully designed to look like a football field. Hosts on these tables are knowledgeable about football and are more than happy to talk about it.

These minor details are why Evolution’s football-themed games do so well. Their simple gameplay makes it easy for anyone to jump in and play. The football theme also ensures that hosts and other players are enthusiastic about the sport, which can lead to interesting conversations.

Overall, we at enjoy these games. They are fun to play, even if you are not a football super fan. Because of that, we are happy to recommend these releases to all our readers.