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Crazy Pachinko is a stunning combination of unique slots and a live Bonus game led by a game show host. Play the slot and qualify for the live Pachinko Bonus game, which features the iconic Pachinko wall, and collect impressive multipliers along the way.

We think it will be a very popular game. Let’s take a closer look at this new astonishing live casino game, powered by Evolution.

Here you can play Crazy Pachinko

The Two Slot Rounds

Crazy Pachinko has two exciting slot phases. It all kicks off with the Qualification phase, where players try to get three scatter symbols in one spin to qualify for the live Pachinko Bonus round.

The Slot Game
The Slot Game

Qualifying is easier thanks to the new Sticky Scatters feature. These are scatter symbols that move down one row with each spin and eventually disappear when they reach the bottom row.

You can speed up your qualification by choosing different spin modes. XXXtreme Spin mode ensures one scatter symbol per spin, and Feature Buy lets you jump straight into the next phase of the game.

During the Qualification phase, scatters may have multipliers of up to 10x, boosting potential winnings as they accumulate throughout the game.

Once you’re done with the Qualification phase, you move on to the Top-Up phase. Here, you can enhance your multipliers and increase your potential winnings for the upcoming live Bonus round.

The Exciting Pachinko Bonus Game
The Exciting Pachinko Bonus Game

Live Pachinko Bonus Round

The live Bonus round brings the Pachinko wall to life, featuring an engaging game show host. Each sector of the iconic Pachinko wall has standard multipliers ranging from 10x to 200x. These are combined with all the multipliers collected in the earlier game phases, neatly displayed at the bottom of the Pachinko wall.

The game show host adds excitement by dropping a puck from the Pachinko wall. The puck lands in one of the 16 zones, each with random multipliers, determining the final awarded multiplier. Landing on the DOUBLE zone boosts all multipliers on the Pachinko wall, prompting a re-drop for an even larger multiplier.