Enjoy Supercharged Gameplay in New Super Stake Blackjack by Stakelogic Live

As a relative newcomer to the scene, Stakelogic Live is slowly but surely finding its footing. After the success of its live table games, the company has started to experiment with new ideas. Super Stake Blackjack takes a gameplay loop we are familiar with and tosses multipliers into the mix.

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The idea of blackjack with multipliers is not new. Many developers have made their versions of the concept to varying degrees of success. How will Stakelogic Live’s Super Stake Blackjack fare against such competition? Read on to find out.

What is Super Stake Blackjack?

Super Stake Blackjack is a new live casino game made by Stakelogic Live. It follows in the footsteps of the successful Super Stake Roulette by adding random multipliers that you can win to improve payouts.

The software provider did not mess with the blackjack gameplay we know and love. If you have played blackjack before, you will know what to expect. Getting the multipliers requires enabling Super Stake, which adds an extra cost per turn. The game also has several side bets alongside the multipliers.

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How to Play Super Stake Blackjack?

The game flow in Super Stake Blackjack is unchanged from a standard blackjack game. Each round starts with a betting timer, during which you set down what wagers you will play. After the betting timer ends, the host begins drawing cards to players.

The host deals two initial cards and makes an Insurance offer if their visible card is an Ace. At that point, players can double, hit, stand, or split their hand. Splitting is only possible if your first two cards have the same value. The game also lets you double down after splitting. After finishing the round, the host will draw cards as well.

If your first two cards form exactly 21, you get a 3:2 payout. Meanwhile, all other winning hands pay 1:1. If you want better wins, you will need to play Super Stake Blackjack’s side bets or enable multipliers.

Super Stake Blackjack Side Bets

How do the multipliers work in this release? You must opt into the feature, which deducts 50% of your main bet in every round. However, this makes players eligible to receive golden cards, whose multipliers range from 2x to 30x. Golden cards must be in your hand to receive the payout increase. If you get two golden cards in one hand, their multipliers are added together.

On top of that, Stakelogic Live has four side bets: Three, Golden Three, Golden Pairs, and Buzz-T. Some of these are familiar wagers you have seen in other blackjack games. Others are unique to Super Stake Blackjack and its unique multiplier feature. They give you additional ways to win, which is something we at livecasino24.com always appreciate.

Does Super Stake Blackjack Have Any Strategies?

There are no strategies for Stakelogic Live’s release. The random nature of multipliers makes it challenging to plan out an effective strategy to use them. Even with their randomness, the multipliers are worth your time.

Super Stake Blackjack uses eight decks, each one containing 52 cards. Hosts frequently reshuffle the decks, which prevents players from using card counting.

Is Stakelogic Live’s Super Stake Blackjack Worth Your Time?

We had a blast playing this game. Stakelogic Live wisely decided not to make massive gameplay changes. Besides the multipliers and some new side bets, you will not find much different about Super Stake Blackjack. If you ever wished blackjack had better payouts, this release is perfect for you.

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