Fortune 6 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play Brings Exciting New Side Bets

Baccarat has seen plenty of attention from software providers in the last few years. Many developers changed the well-known game by adding features or changing gameplay. These variants have allowed baccarat to become one of the biggest live casino games on the market. Now, Pragmatic Play is ready to make its mark on this beloved game.

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Fortune 6 Baccarat offers a familiar gameplay loop while showing us new side bets! It allows us to carry over our past baccarat experience while delivering something new. What kind of additions can we expect to see from this Pragmatic Play release? Read on to find out.

Core Baccarat Gameplay

Fans of baccarat’s core gameplay will be glad to know Pragmatic Play did not change things up. The same familiar gameplay loop awaits anyone who wants to play this release. Pragmatic Play uses 4K cameras to capture the action. HTML5 technology makes this release perform equally well on computers and mobile devices.

Every round starts with players betting if the player or banker will win. The winning side is the one that immediately forms an eight or nine. If neither side achieves these values, the hand closest to them wins. The game draws a third card for one or both sides if needed. If your hand total exceeds nine, the first digit is removed. That means a hand with a thirteen score is only worth three points.

Fortune 6 Baccarat is available in all markets that Pragmatic Play’s other live dealer games are. The game also gives us the option of interacting with the host through the use of live chat. Other players can also read live chat, allowing you to talk with them. The RTP for the three main bets is identical to other baccarat games.

Pragmatic Play enabled Multiplay mode for Fortune 6 Baccarat. Players can launch it and simultaneously place wagers on the Fortune 6 Baccarat table and other Speed Baccarat tables.

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New Additions

What exciting new features does Fortune 6 Baccarat offer? It features several new side bets, all revolving around the number six.

Fortune 6 is the side bet from which this release gets its name. The way it works is straightforward. When you play this side bet, you aim to draw a six within the first three dealt cards. The payout increases if the second and third card is also a six. The maximum win for this side bet is 120:1. The RTP for this side bet is 96.26%.

Player or Banker Fortune Pair has a new name but is not a new side bet. These side bets win if the two initial cards on the Player or Banker hand form a pair. You can win up to 9:1 from this side bet. It has an RTP of 97.83%.

Player 6 and Banker 6 pay when the corresponding hand receives a total value of six and wins the hand. Player 6 pays up to 14:1 if the Player hand wins. Meanwhile, Banker 6 pays up to 16:1 if the Banker hand wins. The RTP for these side bets is 95.62% and 93.36%, respectively.

The developer made it so players do not have to play the main bets to enjoy the side bets. If you want to skip past the primary wagers and try out the new side bets, the game lets you do that. However, we do not recommend doing so outright. While some side bets have an excellent RTP, the main bet RTPs are still better. If you are going for maximum value per spin, the Banker bet still reigns supreme.

Worth Playing?

If you love standard baccarat gameplay, this release still allows you to enjoy it. If you want something new from baccarat, Fortune 6 Baccarat’s side bets offer that, too. Pragmatic Play did its homework to maximize the appeal of its latest game.

It is a fun new addition to the baccarat formula that does not resort to multipliers or extra rewards. Because of that, we are happy to recommend it as soon as it becomes available in live casinos.